Wednesday, May 23, 2012

tires rotated {excitement}

This is an emergency post.

My friend Shelley has harassed me endlessly
about putting something new on my
blog instead of that blasted mouse/snake photo.
She is over-the-top freaked out by it.
And will be in therapy for years to come.
My apologies, Shelley.

So, in order to help your recovery,
I will post something new.
Though I have nothing new to stay, really.
Although I do need to tell you about my
discovery of using coconut oil on my hair.
I'll save that for another day...
but you'll want to tune in for that.

Oh, you DO want to tune in.

So today I had a fabulous visit with my friend, Mary.
She's a peach, let me tell you.
Our littles have such fun together!

Then I got to go get my tires rotated.
I mean, I didn't rotate my tires, you sillies.
I took them to get rotated, by myself.
Golly, that has a nice ring to it.

Look at how elated I was!

Notice, no one in the back seat.
It's Mama's lucky day!

And that's all I have for you today.
Boring, I know.

This one's for you, Shelley.


Susan A said...

heheh speaking of coconut oil, I have a question for Lolly... I have to shampoo my hair every day because it gets oily the day after... my sister in law said I need to leave my hair alone and not shampoo it for some days so the natural oils can come back. What is your advice? :)

Chris said...

Yeah, I'll be waiting on the coconut oil post. Tried the baking soda vinegar combo and I can only handle so many weeks of MIXING my shampoo. This lady needs to keep moving! But my old lady hair needs some new shampoo

Shelley said...

Thanks Lori!!! You are a good friend. RIP little mouse! I'm still traumatized when I picture that poor trapped mouse in the aquarium...I'll send my therapy bills to you.

Where do you buy coconut oil? I ask because I was looking for it tonight and couldn't find it.

Matilda Joyce said...

I couldn't open the snake/mouse post. That was nasty on way too many levels. Thank you for posting something to replace it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks i am terrified of snakes and that picture was too creepy!

Tesseraemum said...

I'm with Shelley. Yea, Yea, the circle of life and all that...but that poor little furry mouse couldn't run away. No Fair. In the wild it would have moved alot faster than the nasty ole snake!

Did you find yourself thinking "where else can I go and not impose on the babysitter?" Coffee, T*rget, SPA?!!

Debby said...

Glad we've moved on....

I'm hoping your coconut oil secrets will relieve dry hair...even with all the humidity I'm exposed to, my hair is dry. I also only wash it twice a week...

Nice being able to go places by yourself.....I'm hardly there yet, unless I do it during school hours & that luxury is almost over for the summer.

Although very kind sister has offered to take BOTH of my kids for a full week!! What will I do...clean & lounge around here? Fly off to another city & meet up with friends??

connie said...

i love that you make me laugh every single time i check in. thank you for that, dear friend!

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