Thursday, May 24, 2012

my thursday {bored children, bread & polish hens}

How's your Thursday going, friends?

Today is our first full day of summer break
to stay home.
All day.
All day long, we stayed home.
Which is all fine and good for me,
cause I loves me some home.
But, the vibe I'm getting from the rest of the crowd,
it's very boring.

That means I'm doing my job well.

We'll venture out tomorrow.

I made some dee-lish multi-grain bread today.
Mercy, does freshly baked bread ever smell glorious.

The taste is pretty amazing, too.

In case you wanna try it at your home:

Makes three lovely loaves!

6 cups freshly milled wheat
3 cups freshly milled: rye, millet, spelt, barley, oat groats
1/4 cup (approximately) freshly ground golden and brown flax seed
1/4 cup vital wheat gluten (or more:)
3 tsp. sea salt
3 cups warm water
1/2 cup honey
1 1/2 Tbl. yeast
4 1/2 Tbls. melted butter (not too warm!)

*Of course you can use any blend
of grain you want for your flour.
Just make sure it's a total of 9 cups.
I usually soak six cups of it in warm water
with 3 Tbl. vinegar.

I'm too lazy to write out all the directions.
If you're a seasoned bread baker, you know the drill.
Just mix everything up as usual,
knead and let rise as you would any bread recipe.
Top with egg wash, freshly rolled oats and
semi-ground flax seed.
Bake at 350 for 35 minutes.

If you need detailed instructions, shoot me an email
and I'll try to do that for you!


Oh, Wanda.

I had told all of you earlier
of Wanda's untimely demise,
then corrected myself that it wasn't
in fact Wanda and Dorothy,
but Leonard and Hal, who perished
on that dreadful day at the hands
of the other roosters.
(They do have hands, you know.
Where do you think they get
chicken fingers?)
not sure any of that made a lick of sense.
But the real deal is,
Wanda and Dorothy are alive and well.

Take a look.

Wanda is looking especially elegant today,
wouldn't you say?
(And yes, the roosters next to
her are who stole her lover away).
I do hope you're keeping up
with this poultry soap opera.

And look.
She and Dorothy got red highlights.
They are obviously moving on with their lives,
sans Leonard and Hal.
Good for them.

I really can't decide this these
are the ugliest or most adorable creatures
I've ever laid eyes on.

I just don't know.
But they do make me smile.


Anonymous said...

Still waiting to hear about the coconut oil in the hair. Please tell all. ;)

Frizzy Female

Natalie said...

Thanks for the recipe and my daily chuckle. :-)

Tesseraemum said...

Just fabulous!
When I saw the title I thought you were PolishING the hens nails!

Just a little wierd but not out of the realm of possibility!

Have I mentioned that my kids have been asking when we are going to get to "order some of that REALLY GOOD bread?"
I have at least 2 other people who want a mix too. You know, I made them feel as though they missed out on the
best bread ever made! If you need me for an infomercial just let me know. I have skills! Sheri

megadog said...

Dorothy looks fabulous with her red highlights, BUT somehow I'm a little scared of her. She seems like she might like to take a little bite of my finger.
The bread...oh the bread! You've made me oh so very hungry for some delicious bread.

jen said...

Haha, I'd say ugly AND adorable... and now I really want a few of those crazy things!

Oh, and during Summer break, my sisters and I NEVER said we were bored, although we often were, because my mom would always put us to work.

And your bread is beautiful, BTW. : )

Hezra said...

Oh my. I have been out of blogger land WAY to long! First-- there is a poultry SOAP opera! ? I have one TOO! I will attempt a post sometime soon. And second~ The bread is amazing! Seriously. Could you please for the love of all that is holy at least show a lumpy loaf or only put in like ONE real grain? Making me look so horrible buying my stupid white wheat bread. geez. Third- Wanda's highlights have been the highlight of my morning already. Yes, she is cute. But clearly she knows it. I cant stand attitude, but attitude in a hen is even worse. J/k wanda is adorable. Sorry her lover is gone but she knows how to get a new man. REd hair! lolol

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