Saturday, May 26, 2012

coconut oil {my story}

At the ripe old age of 19 (or 20) I
got a job at a bank,
in the bookkeeping department.
Which is hilarious to me now,
being that I hate all things administrative.
And I'm ridiculously disorganized.

I worked with a gal named Sylvia who was
from Georgia.

She had a pretty thick southern accent.
It was not unusual for her to ask
me to go deliver some paperwork to the
lawn department.

"The lawn department??"
I would ask.

"NO, the lawn department."

I was so confused.
(Which was typical)

The LOAN department.
Got it.

And she mentioned before that she needed to
get her earl changed.


(This was long before the Dixie Chick's song,
Earl Must Die, so I wasn't too concerned that
Earl might be in her trunk,
needing to be changed.)

Is anyone still reading this?

All that to say,
I wanted to talk to you about
my new-found love.

Coconut earl.

I mean, oil.

Coconut oil.

I originally ordered this online
to use for cooking.
I had never used it before and
wanted to give it a try.

Sadly enough,
when it arrived, I read the fine print that
said it wasn't for consumption.

So it sat and sat as I mourned.

Then my friend Mary, who is half Korean
and has no accent,
told me that coconut earl (or as she says it, oil)
is fabulous for black hair.
So she bought some from me for her little
Ethiopian babies.

Months went by before it dawned on me
that I could use it in MY hair.

I love it when my dimly lit bulb,
gets just a little brighter.

It works great.
I love it so much!

It's not a miracle humidity shield...
but it's really better than any other product
I've ever used.
It smooths frizzy hair like nothing else.

Remember, I'm a professional.
You can trust me.

I've tried a gazillion things in my 20+ years
of doing hair.

It's a big solid glob that melts at your touch.
It's so cooperative that way.

And it's fabulous for your skin, too.

So, my advice to you is,
go buy some coconut earl.

You will thank me.


Coconut oil.


Anonymous said...

Hey I'm a Georgia girl too! You should hear my Chinese daughters' south Ga/ Chinglesh accents!

Chad and Kristy said...

Ok, here is my story. I was a southern city girl but we moved to the country which was a huge culture shock. Anyway, we were standing by a campfire with friends and one says "go through a tar on the far." Huh, so what? They said it 3 times when I finally realized they were going to through a tire on the fire!

So now to my hair, dry scalp oily hair...what to do?!?!

After 20 years I am almost proficient at the southern language :) tar:tire, tar:tire, ain't:ant or aunt or actually ain't (that one can be tricky)

Rachel said...

Girl- I need to try it on my hair. Used it as a moisturizer and... I broke out like a 13 year old!

Tesseraemum said...

Do ya think it'll work on some gray her?
I didn't anticipate the whole wiry thing when I let it go!

I have 3 "aint's" and 3 uncles..Butch, Porky and Cheerio!
My dad goes by Buddy and the grandkids call him Bubba! Cane ya tell thayre in KENtucky!
I do have to add a dad is actually the anti-bubba! In the 80's we used to go to a pub that had a picture of Ronald Reagan hanging by the bar. He used to salute him ! And NO its wasn't on the way OUT it was on the way In! Sheri

Hezra said...

OK This is confirmation! I have had these two girls for 5 months and they are adorable girls with some seriously kinky coils. That frizz. And break. And then the split ends break and frizz. Are you seeing where this goes? And they have SERIOUSLY ashy skin. I have tried so many hair and skin products My bathroom cabinets look like I boought out SAlly's, Target, AND walmart! But I have tried everything and I started getting so frustrated yesterday and wondering why it looked pretty good sometime around month 3. Then when you mentioned this I remembered!! Coconut oil! I had bought the health food version(so kind of expensive) but that one is extra virgin and smells AMAZING! I had a small tupperware container I stored it in so we used the big one for food. This stuff had their hair finally conditioned and soft and detangled. How could I have assumed the expensive hair products CONTAINING the oil would be better? geez. I feel like a goofball. But you would be proud of me! I have had to trim their hair, do teensey braids, corn row, twists, yarn braids.... etc etc etc. Next week I will be buying more oil. And will remember it works and is worth the price!! With all the unused stuff that did not work?? Please dont tell my hubby??

The Gang's Momma! said...

Hmmm, my Li'l Empress has chronically dry skin, to the point of little bumpies on her arms and legs from the time the pool closes till it opens again. In summer, she's fine. But I wonder if this might help all year round? And if her hair is super super fine and thin, might the oil be too heavy for her, even if it's so nourishing? The last thing I want is stringy GREASY looking locks. Hmmmm?

Chris said...

Wonder if it costs less than the high quality lotion we go through around here?
What did you answer the ladies that asked about using it on fine hair? My daughters only wash their hair once a week and their skin looks like an alligator most of the winter...I took to using shortening for awhile.

Anonymous said...

Wait, how do you use it? On wet hair? After it's been blown dry? As a molding mud? Mousse? Gel?


Miss FRIZZle

Jean said...

You are hysterical! My son and hubby are visiting and I am giggling at you!

You must have been just born this way? We're you funny as a child?

Debby said...

You can'y leave us hanging....some of us need a BIGGER do you use this stuff?

On wet hair? Will it wash right out? won't it make the hair extra greasy?

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