Monday, May 28, 2012

i should run a restaurant

Hello, friends!

How is your week going?

Mine is good.
Pretty good.

But having the kids all home for summer
break is nearly killing me.
(We are only a week into it)
(Lord, have mercy)

I get up early to get my biggest boys/men off to work.
They need a hearty breakfast
and lunch-to-go.
Then the next group gets up for breakfast.
Then we start all over at lunchtime.
Then dinnertime.

Plus everything else there is to do!

How do we women keep up at this pace?

It's crazy-crazy.

I really should run a restaurant.
At least I'd get paid.

Anyway, I have nothing to share with you
except all that whining.

Oh and I wanted to show you a pic of
a field of wheat down the road from us that
is at its peak!

I suppose the photo doesn't do it justice.
Trust me, it's so golden and lovely.
It makes me so happy.
And we've got fields and fields all over that
look like this.
Very Bible-belt Americana.
I love it.

Well, I don't have the energy for one
more single thing.

OH...except to tell you that Isaiah woke
up at 11:30 PM last night,
came to my side of the bed
(where I was sweetly sound asleep, thank you very much)
and said,
"Mama, I'm up early!"

Ummm, kid...until it hits the A.M., it's not early.
I don't know what it is.
Ridiculous, that's what it is.

Thankfully he went right back to bed.

Ok, that's all.

1 comment:

Karin said...

Unless you LOVE running a restaurant, I'm thinking you could have the kids make their own breakfast and lunch. It would give them something to do so they are not standing around saying they are bored with nothing to do. :)

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