Tuesday, May 29, 2012

coconut oil (cont'd)

I am so sorry to have left you
hanging about the coconut oil.

How very naughty of me.

Here's the scoop:

I use it on towel-dried hair...
just before I flat-iron it.

I have naturally curly-frizzy hair,
so this works well for ME.

It WILL make your hair oily if you use
too much.
And if you have very fine hair...it may
not be the best option for you.
Although it would be a great deep conditioner
that you could treat your hair with,
then wash out.

And no, I wouldn't think this would
be so great on most Asian hair.
But definitely on Asian skin!
I use it on my littles' skin because they tend to
get awfully ashy, especially in the winter.

Where to get it:
I bought mine through
(If you use my link, scroll down
to Coconut Oil Refined- 1 gallon)

I'm sure there are many other places
to get it, I just don't know where.
Besides health food stores, of course,
but that would be pricey, I'm guessing.
And I have also bought the kind for baking at Walmart.
The gallon jug I bought online was $32,
and I *think* I got free shipping on it,
but I really can't remember.
A gallon will last a long, long time since
I use it so sparingly.

That's about all I know about it, guys!

It works great for me,
I hope it does for you, too!


Jennifer said...

And coconut oil is GREAT to fry in and consume....if you buy the coconut oil that is meant to be eaten ;-). We love regular coconut oil but we use expeller pressed coconut oil to cook with and add into our foods. :)

Our Faith Walk said...

Thanks for the update!!! Will try it tomorrow.

Miss Smooth & Silky


Anonymous said...

Dear Expert
What shampoo would you recommend for oily teen Asian hair?

Kris said...

Hey, thought of you when I read this about making your own deodorant with coconut oil. I'm thinking I might have to get me some coconut oil! My girls could use it for their hair, we could all use it for our skin and I'd love to try the deodorant! Anyways...thought I'd share! http://www.survivingthestores.com/homemade-coconut-oil-deodorant.html#comments

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