Monday, May 21, 2012

little white mouse

Oh my word.

The little kids talked me into taking them
to the pet store today.
I didn't want to go, but I figured
it would buy some time
with not taking them to the zoo.

But you can imagine how horrified I was
when I saw this:

Do you see that poor little white mouse in the corner
of that snake cage?

I nearly crawled out of my skin in sheer horror.

And the snake even went back to the corner and
sniffed around the mouse a bit.
Just to taunt it, I'm certain.
The poor little thing was shaking in its little pink boots.

I was shocked and devastated.

Don't explain to me the circle of life.
I do know how the story goes.

I live on a mini-farm, after all.
Living things constantly come and go around here.

It's just terrifying to see it play out
in a retail establishment.

I retold the whole story at the dinner table tonight.
No one seemed as disturbed as me.

Is nothing shocking anymore?

It's a travesty!

The End.

Don't be surprised if I suddenly announce
that I am adopting a little white mouse.

Except that I despise mice.

Let's just forget we ever had this conversation.

I'm ready to move on with my life.

Good bye.


quilt'n-mama said...

That's all I can say... ACK!!!! I hate snakes... I hate mice... but the 2 together is more than I can handle!

Jen said...

Next time......I'd go to the zoo!!

Jean said...

I'm with Jen- go to the zoo!

I had a white rat in college... I got bust and forgot to feed it! After that it bit me! I deserved it!

So sorry you had to endure such trauma...

Susan A said...

I'm shocked too, the little mouse to be trapped with impending death :( :(

oh the poor thing :( it should not have to suffer this, yes I agree with you it should happen out there in the wild where it would have a chance to escape, but this is total trap and on purpose too :(

Proverbs 12:10 A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast:

no matter how small!

Susan A said...

And I want to add too, if you don't mind... if there is a choice between a mouse and a snake, I would go for the mouse, because... it's got feelings and it gets happy and sad, it's warm blooded... whereas snakes, well we know that God cursed Satan and called him a serpent... so I guess snakes, well they just are cold-blooded! cunning and prey on animals.

Up with mice down with snakes!

haha... just had to speak out for the little white mouse!

Ok off my soapbox. :)

Jenna said...

Haha! You're too funny! I'm new here and loving your blog, my goodness![: Maybe you could go for a hamster to start off with? They're kinda cool!

Anonymous said...

I recently got "charged" with harrassment of my apt. manager when i bitched her out in front of a couple of her "outside" crew for cutting down 3 trees in front of our apt. bldging. one tree had 3 squirrel nests, and the other ( 2nd) had one squirrel nest. They were convinced the trees were about to fall down..I never saw any evidence of that! She said they had been planning since winter to cut them down..I yelled,"Why didn't you do it in winter when there is no chance of baby squirrels in those nests!?" I just have a tender heart for small living creatures and cannot stand to witness deaths of them in front of me...thanks Vancouver Housing Authority for placing such a dork of a manager in charge of our apt. building. She is a major "control freak" in addition...doesn't go over well with many of our elderly, me included, that left marriages because of "control freak" husbands..good for you, vancouver, wa.

Lisa said...

I'm with you ... I understand the circle of life, I know that the death of living creatures is a natural part of the food chain ... I just don't need to SEE IT!! Gross!

AlbinoPrincess said...

Haha! My sister has a pet snake. I can watch while the mouse is in there, but as soon as the snake is about to strike and eat, I look away. Can't handle that part. =/

Rachel said...

one plus - could be the easiest adoption process you ever walked through!

Debby said...

Thanks for sharing THAT part of you day....ugg....Can't believe it didn't go over as dinner

Hopefully there will be no witnessing of Circle Of Life activities today.....unless you're lucky enough to see a praying mantis devouring a small bug....that's pretty cool!

megadog said...

I can't take it! That poor little thing. NOT a fan of snakes in any way at all. I think I'd rather see the mouse eat the snake-shiverin' in my boots right now!

Holly said...

I was going to tell you a little story about a frog that became frog legs this past weekend up at my b-i-l's camp. But I was so horrified by the whole story, I will spare you. You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

A word to the wise: While I agree with the horror of it all, DO NOT ADOPT A MOUSE!!!! Last year my son felt sorry for a mouse that his eacher was going to feed to the corn snake she keeps in her classroom. So, he entered into a lottery to "win" the mouse. After 2months of it being in my house (caged of course), I could no longer take the musky urine smell that it made constantly!!!! So, I said to dear son: "I really think we need to let the mouse go in the woods. It needs to be with other mice". He agreed...although reluctatly...and we set the mouse free far away in the woods. People spend hundreds of dollars to rid them from their home. I don't know why I ever agreed to bring one into mine! The things we do for the love of our children!

Rebecca said...

That is so aweful! I feel so bad for that little mouse! I wonder how long he sat there shaking in the corner before he was put out of his misery. Stuff like that really gets to me. I know it's part of life, but it's just so tragic! :)
Anyhow, if anyone reading this is in need of a fun, fast, easy, inexpensive fundraising idea, check out my blog! We had a blast yesterday!

Hezra said...

hahaha... I havent had coffee and it is only 6 something in the am. So forgive my bluntness. But girl you have GOT to get out more! meanwhile speak on about coconut oil!

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