Sunday, May 20, 2012

chemistry notes

So school is out on Tuesday.
Oh, happy day.

Nick's chemistry teacher is letting the class
use notes on their final.
Well, as many notes as they can fit
onto a 3x5 card.

And this kid took full advantage of it.

Front and back.
In a hand-written font that I can't imagine
how one could read, much less, WRITE.

I offered for him to take my reading glasses.
Or a microscope.


Matt and Maria said...

I teach chem at our homeschool co-op, and I promise that the kids learn more making the note card than anything. Totally worth it to let them use it on the final, just to get them to make it.

Jean said...

I hope he took you up on it!! Poor boy will need glasses when he's done with this class!

Do you have any fun summer plans once everyone is done with school?

... or is it just survival!

I understand survival!

Susan A said...

ha ha ha! is a magnifying glass allowed in class?? :)

Bethany said...

That's awesome!

Debby said...

Ha! I remember those days. writing out the notecard is the best refresher....he probably won't even need it now! Smart teacher! Good Luck Nick!!

Chris said...

My boys thought that was a perfectly good way to write your notes.
Now you must understand that my eldest wrote his homework on ONE piece of notebook paper for his senior year....I don't think he missed any important assignments.

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