Monday, April 2, 2012

whatta you like?

Hey, guys!

I forgot to tell you THANK YOU so much for
the super great book recommendations!

I am so stoked to read many of your selections.


I have another question for you:

What is your favorite treat to eat with coffee/tea...
(or other wholesome drink selections)?

Are you partial to...
Ham and Swiss on rye?

Just kidding 'bout that last one.

Tell me whatta you like.

AND for playing along...and for your eating pleasures,
I will select one of you to receive a certificate
for free bagels at Panera Bread!


Chris said...

partially frozen pumpkin bread w/ red rose tea.
brownies w/ coffee

Now I'm hungry and I should be in bed!

Krista B said...

Mmm.. I love scones with my Chai Tea. Or toasted blueberry muffins with butter!

Susan A said...

chocolate mint cookies... and I can't have the certificate because we don't have Panera Bread here in Australia :(


Matilda Joyce said...

i love scones with Tazo Calm tea... or regular tea... or coffee... or hot cocoa... you get the point!

(and if Susan wins, I'll take her gift card! haha, just kidding!!!)

Sue Mom of Two said... name is Susan so if SHE wins, we DO have a Panera's. ha ha
I think ice cream is my downfall. ANY kind with chocolate and nuts and caramel in it, or mint chocolate chip.

Rachel said...

I'm a scone girl, & since I missed the whole book comment thing, I'll chime in that I'd love a maple pecan scone right now w/ a cup of strong coffee as I read either one of Lisa Samson's books (Quaker Summer, Songbird, the Church Ladies & Club Sandwich are my favs) or any one of Robin Jones Gunn's Sister-Chick books - LOVE those, & they totally make me think of you!! Happy Spring Break!

Chad and Kristy said...

Oh my, have you had the spinach artichoke quiche at is too die for!!

I like them all... that could be why I am struggling with my weight. Girl, you are going to have to stop talking about all this bread! I am starting to gain 5lbs everytime I stop by your blog! This is not good....

Now, I am going to go join Chris and eat some pumpkin bread with some pumkin spice coffee:) Yummmm!

Desiree' said...

blueberry crumble muffin, hot from the oven with lots of sweet butter

Natalie said...

Most any carb will do for me. However, I get cravings for a little concoction of peanuts, raisins, and chocolate chips when I have a cup of tea. Like right now!

Carol said...

All things "bread" would be my second favorite food group. All things "chocolate" would be the first.

Pan-toasted banana bread with hazelnut or french toast flavored coffee would be #1. A close second would be orange-cranberry scones w/ hot spiced tea or cider.

Never done Panera Bread, but am putting it on the top of my To Do list.

Thanks for the fun and bright spots you bring to our days.

Debby said...

Yum...Carol had some great sounding snacks. I too, like anything BREAD......I'm a boring juice drinker coffee or tea for me.

Jenn said...

I like to eat something sweet and crunchy. If it meets those too criteria I'm happy. Lately me favorite are the new Fruit Crisps from special K. they are super yummy and only 100 calories. Yumm. Now you got me wanting tea and fruit crisps, I got my afternoon snack planned!

quilt'n-mama said...

I love scones and so do my kiddos. I make them often for breakfast around here. Several kinds we like... pumpkin, chocolate chip and blueberry. I also love to make honey cake... awesome with a good cup of coffee or tea:)

Cindy said...

Bread and cheese with diet coke but I also love green tea with jasmine.

Justine said...

COOKIES! Any kind, preferably homemade. With coffee or tea.

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