Sunday, April 1, 2012


How was your weekend?

That's great!

Now let me tell you about mine.

I spent my Saturday baking, for the most part.
I was putting together some
sample breads for a potential big weekly order.
More on that later!

But suffice it to say that Ms. Lori is getting
quite the bread belly.

I decided to just pretend that I'm pregnant.
Oh, it's such a joyful time!

Then on Sunday I spent the day outside with my shovel-friend.
I transplanted about 423 shrubs.
Actually, it was only about 12, but my body is insisting it was more.
I'm worn slick.

But perhaps it will help with the above mentioned belly addition.

So that's about it.

I do hope you had a productive weekend as well!

Talk to ya later.

(and bread-belly-baby, Loretta)


Karin said...

You are such a nut! Good luck with that bread belly because I've been sad to find out that once my likes to stay and not go away. grrrr.... but then, I'm sure you're MUCH younger than me so that won't happen to you. :)

Faye Verquer said...

OK...thats just funny! Then right under that post is an ad for Totsy sporting maternity wear for 90% off! When did you allow ads to be on your blog?!

Weekend..BUSY! Never as fun and as exciting as yours! But I so do enjoy a good laugh from all of your experiences!

So now you have 3 personalities! Awesome!

How are the kids?


Debby said...

Oh disappointed you did not take that "Pregnant" Blog post to a whole new April Fool's Day Level........

Oh well...hope you enjoy your week....

Madeleine said...

LOL. You are evil.

But I am thinking I canalso be pregnant, but my 'baby' has been in there for near a decade. :P lol.

Hezra said...

OH, you crack me up. I am currently dieting because I reached a weight that when I last weighed that I gave birth to a nearly 9 lb baby. Since I was not currently CARRYING a child in that way... I figured I should take drastic action. I never thought to name my belly bab. hmm, that may have made it seem more friedly than the FAT word. Meanwhile, maybe you should mail my bread making video back? lol jut kidding. I am barely making regular foods, much less amazing baked goods lately. :-(

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