Sunday, April 15, 2012

home, home on the range!

Here's what's going on on our homestead this fine spring Sunday afternoon.
Because I knew you were wondering.

We always go to church on Saturday nights for FABULOUS worship & a great message.
I love our church!

So on Sunday mornings, we usually enjoy a nice relaxed breakfast...
this morning was freshly milled wheat & millet waffles.

Double batch... so we have left-overs for the rest of the week!

Rudy Rooster. Such a content guy, he is. He's got a pretty sweet life,
what with his 25+ hens & all.

I transplanted some hostas few weeks ago into a nice shady spot by the hen house.
They are quite happy in their new home.
I'm happy for them.

I love our little hen house that K-man built a few years ago.
It is so lovely!

Here are a couple of my hens behind their "shower curtained" nests.
The idea is to keep them from roosting there....and soiling, and such.
Nests are for business only.  Egg-laying, and nothing else!

And have I ever told you that I have worship music playing for them, 24/7?
I do.
They love it.

I know you've been wondering about Wanda's progress.
Here she is!
Or he, I still can't tell them apart.  Isn't she/he adorable!

If I was a chicken, this is exactly what I would look like.
It's true.

Our garden, thus far.
Potatoes, onions, radishes, and onions.
Ignore the weeds.
That's what I do!

Lettuce and spinach.

Peonies budding.
They're gonna be gorgeous!

Egg-gathering wrapped up my morning.
I love my little farmy chores!
I really should have been born in the 1800s.
With the exception of no indoor plumbing, electricity, and other
modern conveniences and hair products.
But everything else would suit me just fine.

The End.


Difference2This1 said...

I love your new header photos :) I would be right with you in the 1800s'...between the Civil War and turn of the century if I had the choice. Except I would really miss not having antibiotics and painkillers. A lot. We spent the bulk of our homeschool history class in this time period because I figured if I'm gonna have to give up any free time I used to have to school some of them, they will learn what I like best! Which is why they have to learn home ec. also. So they can cook and clean for me :) Blessings, Jennifer

Jean said...

I love your farm life too!! I love hearing about it and dreaming someday I might have a farm life!

All of our children want to live on a farm!

I have the farm hands now I just need the farm!!

And yes, Wanda is exactly what you would look like if your were a chicken!

Joy said...

I just have to ask... do you eat the chickens once they are done laying eggs? I would raise chickens for eggs in a heartbeat if that was not their intended fate. :-)

Jean said...

I just have one question?

Is Wanda gray?

I rest my case...

Holly said...

Love the farm! And I am cracking up at Jean's comment. ; )

Mia said...

Did u know that today (4/15/2012) is Peony festival in LuoYang? LuoYang is famous of its Peony. Annually there is Peony festival on April 15th, that people from all over the places to visit Luoyang and see peony!

Debby said...

I love your farm life....

Yes.....that chicken would be totally you, if you were a chicken.....=)

Susan A said...

Loved your post about your hens, rooster, eggs, millet... I just absolutely love your farm life :)

You are very blessed.

(p.s. I read the article about WACAP, it is very sad. Praying that He will use this into something very good, because we are His, and He has a good plan for His children :)

David and Janet Hurley said...

Love the new header=), especially the doggie pic---as long as he doesn't lick me--yuck.
How do you grow your potatoes? I read about growing them in big trash cans last year, but never did it. We are not having a garden again, it was not so productive. I may try a few tomato plants, maybe the potatoes.

Beth in NC said...

I love your pics! Too funny, we have 1 rooster (Oscar) to 25 hens. Then I just purchased 6 chicks. :o) They will not be exposed to Oscar.

Too cute that your hens prefer privacy. :o)

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