Saturday, April 14, 2012

beth moore and friends!

Last night was our big Beth-Moore-Girls'-Slumber-Party!

Much to our disappointment,
Beth declined the invitation to slumber with us.
She has no idea what she missed out on.

we started our evening out with dinner.

Big-girl table.
Teen-girl table.

Our friend Beth, doin' her thang.
Golly, it was so Spirit-filled and blessed!

I thought for sure that Beth would notice our fun group and ask us backstage afterwards.
I guess me rushing the platform might not have been the best approach to gain her attention.
She just doesn't get me.

Moving on.

After not seeing Beth backstage,
we went back to the hotel for some girl-time!



Me, after the girls taught me what a *selfie* is.
*Note to self: Don't ever make that face ever again. Ever.

So then Kayla needed a haircut.
But I forgot to bring my cape,
so we scoured the place for something to use in its place.
Mary, brilliant mind ever-thinking, pulled down the shower curtain.
We are nothing if not resourceful.

It was very humorous.
Very, very.

You'd never know it but Kayla had her wisdom teeth out on Monday and she's in severe pain
with dry sockets.
But, like a good little trooper, she mustered up a fabulous pose.
I think we're related.

Really fun girls.

May I just pause for a moment and say that it seemed completely appropriate at the time
that one would put on her PJ's, being that it was around 11 PM.
But somehow, now looking back on these photos, it strikes me as completely odd.

Absolutely adorable young ladies.

We had such fun!!!

I hope you can have a Beth Moore slumber party
with a few of your favorite friends soon, too!

And be sure to invite Beth.

And me.



Matilda Joyce said...

I have really similar pajamas but mine are for summer! (night owl...) I love pjs with a sense of humor!!

I saw Beth in-person-through-a-video-feed in the Fall and thought she was fantastic. Glad you enjoyed her.

Jennifer said...

Duuuuude! I LOVE me some Beth Moore!!! I would so have rushed the stage with you!!!
Love the new look of the blog and totally diggin' the jams! ;-)
Hang on to your hat tonight girl, it's looking like an interesting weather night. ;-)

Holly said...

Soooooo fun!!!!!!!

Jean said...

How Fun!! I'm just happy to know such a fun gal!!

Adorable pics and adorable teens!

So sorry Beth could not make it! I'm sure she wanted to be there!

God's Blessings to all!!

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