Friday, March 16, 2012

thru the ear to the brain

Well, wasn't the cheese poll fun.
But I almost couldn't bear the fact that two of you
don't like cheese at all.
My goodness.

I'm a fair-weather shredder myself.
If it's convenient, I'll shred it right up and and enjoy it to the fullest.
Because it really does taste better and have a better texture.
But for heaven's sake,
sometimes you just have zero time for such old fashion ways.
So I try to buy both to cover my bases.

Moving on.

Lucy and Isaiah doctored up K-man last night.
Lord knows after a hard day at work, he needed it.

And here's the differences between girl doctors and boy doctors:

Lucy, ever so gently working:

And then there's Isaiah,
who broke out his TOOL set to get to the root of the problem.
Which apparently meant going through K-man's ears to get to his brain.
I'll just leave that one alone.

Have yourself a lovely, lovely day!


Jean said...

Ha love the screw driver in the ear!

Kman may want to stick with lady drs!!

And I won't be makin any appts in your neck of the woods!!

Mom2Six said...

Too Funny! Leave it to a boy to pull out a screwdriver to fix any problem!

David and Janet Hurley said...

I love our male pediatrician who just gets down to business!! Why go thru 3 rounds of lightweight antibiotics when 1 shot will knock out the problem!

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