Thursday, March 15, 2012

let's take a poll

I want to take a poll.

I was going to ask all of you who you are going
to vote for in the upcoming election,
but I tend to get really fired up about such things.
And if any one person voted irresponsibly,
even in my own little survey,
I would have to hunt you down...and well, let's not even go there.

I've chosen a much less, though still fiercely heated,
question for you.

Do you shred your own cheese?

Are you looking?
Over the right...
do you see it?

Please answer.

And if you feel the need to comment about
why you shred your cheese, or buy it already that way,
go ahead.
I'm not afraid of your reasonings.

I'm very diplomatic that way.


Sean and Lisa said...

LOL! Well back in the day when I thought I was being frugal I did shred my own cheese. After taking in to consideration the time, the mess and the measly couple of cents difference between shredded and nonshredded I finally consceded and now just buy big bags of generic shredded to use on our homemade pizza.
Ah the big decisions in life....LOL!

Patty said...

Girl, I gotta poll for ya....if adopt a teen and find out...oh never mind....LOL

Cheese huh. Well, can you believe I do shred cheese--I used to be a faithful cheese shredder until I started going to Costco and got big ginormous bags of shredded cheese for cheap. But I still shred my own on occasion.

Mom2Six said...

With 6 kids and a packed sports schedule, who has time to shred cheese?

Karin said...

I am cracking up! I never shred my own cheese because I always end up cutting myself. I find that pieces of skin in the cheese tends to be unappetizing.

Oh...and the 8 year old kid in the hospital bed next to ours just swore at his mom, called her stupid, and an idiot for moving his broken leg. Wow.... Really?!

Acceptance with Joy said...

I was so going to answer your question about voting... :-) After all, I didn't become an American this week for nothing.


actually, I probably won't vote, but I COULD now if I wanted to.

We don't eat cheese so I can't answer the second question. I make a "cheese" sauce for my little vegans. :-)

Debby said...

I almost always buy shredded cheese, but I can & do shred the cheese myself, if needed.

acanter said...

I shredd my own because the pre-shredded has flour in it to prevent the cheese from sticking. My husband has celiac disease and has to eat gluten free so that wouldn't work for him.

Chris said...

I'm in the "we go to Sam's why would I shred cheese? club"
I only shred it when I need to get rid of some moldy umm bleu cheese in the back of the fridge

Matilda Joyce said...

I shred everything except cottage cheese. And sometimes ricotta.

Kathy said...

I voted that I shred my own always-but that's only because here in Hong kong the price of shredded cheese is ridiculous and it's hard to find(actually the price of cheese is ridiculous full stop)-and so I've taken to shredding it myself. back in Australia I just bought it shredded-and kept it in the freezer, because it was such a time and mess saver.

Susan said...

Toooo funny! I don't think you will need to hunt me down.. I voted the "RIGHT" way! :) Now, off to shred my cheese.

David and Janet Hurley said...

Late, as usual, but I know its killing you not to know my response. I buy it all shredded except the Montery Jack, which only comes in blocks at my local ALdi.

Mandie said...

I love to shred cheese, preshred just doesn't melt right!

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