Saturday, March 3, 2012

food's here!

Oh my gosh,
I gotta make this QUICK!

K-Man is on his way home from a top-secret run to McD's!
Oh my word.
We are so bad!
This is the second Saturday night in a row that we
have spontaneously decided to eat
Big Macs in bed after the kids have gone to sleep.
That may make us super fun people,
but tacking on 1,000+ calories a week WILL show up, eventually.

Stop the madness!!

I wanted to share with you our new baby chicks!

They came today,
totally catching me off guard, as always.

The post office called to say that they were here
and I was SO NOT prepared.


Alright, gotta go.
Food's here!

I'll soooo regret this in the morning.


Susan A said...

ohhhhhh little black chickens? how so adorable!!! :) :)

Holly said...

Love the McD's dates, and LOVE the baby chicks! Simply nothing cuter. :)

Anonymous said...

McD's without the kids?? How could you?!??! :)

Chris said...

THAT'S how you do it! We took everyone along for ice cream. We gotta start doing this different.

The baby chicks are cute.

Lisa said...

I just have to say that getting McD's (or ANY bad-for-you snack) after the kids are in bed is AWESOME!!! I absolutely LIVE for those stolen moments when it's just me and hubby. And I LOVE sneaking junk food that I normally wouldn't let my girls eat, when they're not around. Hee hee!

Madeleine said...


Elena has this thing lately. If anything is the same on 2 people, she thinks they are automatically twins.

Such as, " Look momma, we are both wearing white socks. We ARE TWINS!!"

Or "I like pink and you like pink. We ARE TWINS!"

So, since I got my chicks this week, and you got your cicks this week....WE ARE TIWNS!!!


Mc D's? Is that what people do in the boonies??!!?? I dont remember the last time I had McD's.

Anonymous said...

You must not be as far in the boonies as I am. It is a 30 mile round trip to the nearest food or convenience store from my house.

Charissa said...

Haaaahaahaa!!! Thanks for making me laugh Lori! I love to come always put a smile on my face!! And I don't think you have to worry about the calories from the Big Mac - you look fantastic, especially for being a mama to six kiddos! Love the sweet little chicks too.

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