Monday, March 5, 2012

under the table

It's that time of year when we are oh-so-close
to being done with homeschool for the year.
But yet,
it's just only March...and we have a ways to go still.


Lucy is SUCH great little student.
With the exception of the times she hides under
the kitchen table, refusing to do another thing.

And it's a really, really bad day
when it's ME under the table.

How 'bout you?

Are you soooo ready to be done with homeschoolin' for the year?

And more importantly, do you hide under the table?

Please tell me I'm not alone.



Shonni said...

I hadn’t thought of the table. I am way more drastic...a dark closet (with chocolate).
I AM SO READY for the summer break...and it’s suppose to snow again by Thursday.

Angie said...

We are so not even close to finishing school since we took the whole month of Jan. off. Oh, boy. This could be a LOooooooong summer.

Madeleine said...

I hide in my closet. Not that way, just that the way where they never think to look there.

And sadly enough, once about a year ad a half ago, ) she was almost 4) I was in the basement and Elena called me. I said " she is outside" And bless her heart, she beleive 'the voice'. I am evil. Pray for me.

PS, yes, I called her back.

And no we are not done with school. Don;t ask such silly questions.

Susan A said...

I used to work as a teacher. I'm now hiding under the table. I'm a cleaner.

Honest. :)

Joy said...

We are going to be SO late finishing school this year because my version of hiding under the table is taking the kids to the zoo (beautiful day today) and saying "hey, we'll just work extra hard this week" to justify it. :-P

Bethany said...

Nope, I don't hide under the table. I do hide in my room...with chocolate from time to time. The kids informed me today that we need to take a spring break. Darn! in

Cari said...

i'm so ready...and we do mostly it all online this

i give all the homeschooling moms a lot of credit, because it is not for everyone. i'm looking forward to next year to hopefully have all my kids on the same schedule again back in public school if it's God's will.

Chris said...

Hey!school lasts till the END OF MAY! Now I'm going to hide under the table...didn't anyone smell the Big Mac's last night?

OH I got my book today...Gotta find me some time to read it...may I take it in the bathroom?

Anonymous said...

I am so with you! Sometimes I retreat to the bedroom and pretend I can't hear anyone when they call to me!


Anonymous said...

I am so with you! Sometimes I retreat to the bedroom and pretend I can't hear anyone when they call to me!


Anonymous said...

Me, the homeschooling thing doesn't seem so bad, except when there is a lot to do!! (I like the breaks:)

Mom2Six said...

I'm cool with it! I work full-time outside the home and leave the homeschooling up to DH!

Oh yeah, except I have to read/ grade their writing and make sure they are staying on track and figure out what they need to do next, and ....

But I'm never home between work, basketball, baseball, running, and the general busy-ness of 6 kids.

I'm ready for a break so I have a chance to catch up on all of this!

Jean said...

No I have another tactic- I tell the kids " I'll be right back I just gotta heat up my coffee" and then I go straight to the computer!

Shhhh, don't tell anyone!

Holly said...

I like Jean's method! Mine...sometimes involves crying in the shower, and dreaming of sending the kids off to school on that blessed yellow bus. And then I put my big girl pants back on and get to work again. : ) Are we almost done? Some subjects, yes, some, NOOOOOOOO. :(

Tereasa said...

Well, I don't hide under the table, but I do hide in the bathroom.

I'm new Here. You have a lovely blog. I have enjoyed looking through your posts!

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