Friday, March 2, 2012

a video moment with lori {i'm so sorry}

I realized after this video that my outfit didn't come across
nearly as frumpy as it really is.
Or maybe it did.

Oh and I absolutely AM going to get started on
my sprouts.
I was just a little put off by the extra work of sanitizing.
And this is why I don't have a job
with the FDA.
That, and a host of other reasons.

enjoy your weekend!


Polly said...

Oh sure, now you are making homemade potato chips to go with your homemade hoagies? And I was so proud of my muffins. You joy stealer you. LOL!! I clearly have lived a big city life for way too long.

Anonymous said...

LOL you make me laugh!

Janet and Kevin said...

You are absolutely silly and make me giggle!

janet and gang

Chris said...

OK, you have raised the bar...did you grow your own beef too?

I spent most of the day making and selling hoagies at market today...maybe tomorrow I'll actually cook for my family.

Trish said...

I would LOVE the recipe for the hoagie buns! Trish

connie said...

just one of the many reasons i love you so much, your humor!!!! and i guess now you're obligated to share the pattern for your liesure suit - not- i mean, the recipe for your bread and chips!!!

Anonymous said...

Your last comment about K-man going "roar" cracked me up. It reminded me of the time I referred to my husband by his pet name, "Cutie" in front of my friend. My friend then asked, "What do you call him, "Kitty?" I howled and said, "Ya, cuz he's such a tiger...roar!"


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