Wednesday, February 22, 2012

your movie suggestions, please

As I mentioned recently,
we downgraded our satellite TV package to the lowest
we could get.

And quite frankly,
I *almost* think we could handle just fine doing
away with it altogether.

That DVR thing is like crack though.

Oh how it is a lifesaver with little children around.

If I had a nickle for each time we had to back up to
hear the weather forecast again...and again...
because certain loud-mouth babes were yammering on,
I'd be one rich little lady.

So for now, we're keeping that sucker.

And we've also delved into the world of Netflix.

I know.
We're so whimsical and crazy, right?

But we can only get the DVDs by mail because our
primitive internet isn't fast enough for the live-stream.
That's just how it is here on Little House on the Prairie.
Or as my friend Mary calls it, Sherwood Forest.


Far be it for me to feel sorry for myself.
I do have me some nice indoor plumbing and modern appliances,
and they aren't even on my front porch.

Life is good.

My point in all this is this.

I'm all ears to hearing about your favorite movie

They must be family-friendly.

Very, very, very family friendly.

Can't wait to hear your suggestions!!



Madeleine said...

Well...Not to be a butt, but you DO have an appliance in your garage!! Something that is never heard of here in the NE. :)

And My all time favorite movie?? Sound of Music.

Totally family friendly.

Followed by The Mission. Older kid friendly. As in over 11.

We are considering giving our tv away. As much as I think it is a great idea, I can only say that because it is not football season. It will about kill me if we gwet rid of it and it is football season.

Mom2Six said...

There are TONS of older family-friendly TV show DVDs available from Netflix. Here is a short sampling: Gilligan's Island, Little House on the Prarie, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, and Christy (I can't think of anymore off the top of my head and Netflix is blocked here at work). I'll try to check my queue for you when I get home and post some more.

Toni said...

Hachi was a hit with every age in our house; adults, teens, & 2nd graders!

Joy said...

Dolphin Tale
Sound of Music
The Music Man
The Princess Bride
Big Bird in China

Holly said...

How about the American Girl movies? Molly, Felicity, Samantha, Kit, and Chrissa?

My husband's all time favorite movies are anything to do with space. Have you seen the documentary To the Moon? The guys in our family love it. The female half of the family groans.

Natalie said...

We get a chuckle out of the old Leave it to Beaver episodes. It certainly meets the family friendly requirement.

Jeannette said...

Soul surfer, Dolphin Tale, Courageous

Jeannette said...

Soul surfer, Dolphin Tale, Courageous

Holly said...

You can do a search on Netflix for Faith based movies...lots of selections I have never heard of before that are family friendly. Personally, I don't even know how to turn on the TV let alone bring up Netflix. That is why I have teenagers. When they move out the younger children will either have acquired the skill or we will never watch ANYTHING. (ahem)
Also just wanted to say that it's been nice checking in on you...I don't keep up with blogs the way I used to. I see you've moved on from vodka based ventures to growing weed and baking buckwheat cookies. Very very interesting ma'am! :) You make me laugh. I do not currently have open spaghetti jars in my fridge but I HAVE in the past. Still, I am not currently growing weed. :) Those red velvet pancakes look like gold though! Yummy! :)
Holly (formerly of Purpose Driven Family, now just of "A Family Wandering Aimlessly" ha ha, okay not really! :)

Anonymous said...

We only had antennae tv until 2 yrs. ago! My kids grew up on one NBC channel and one PBS channel. People used to think we were archaic!:) Oh well... cable did not come to the country in my state then. They spent most of their days outdoors anyway doing productive things. We have a vast collection of Disney movies(VCR). Thinking of buying a VCR so I will haveone 10 yrs. from now for grandkids.

Anonymous said...

We loved the newest Disney version of Miracle Worker and Music Man.

Also, we love the Little House and I Love Lucy series.

My boys loved the(old)Get Smart and Hogan's Hero series.

For movies, we loved The Rookie, Swiss Family Robinson, and the Air Bud films.

JB said...

Just a word of warning on the movie Hachi (recommended above). It was a great film, but had a very, very sad ending. Not sure younger kids would find it easy to process.

Kris said...

Here are some that are approved at our house. However, let me say that our 4 yr old doesn't watch most of these. She primarily sticks to Hermie movies, which are created by Max Lucado. She's not much of a tv/movie watcher and these are only 40 minutes long. They always have a theme to them (praying, good behavior, not lying, following the rules, being brave, friendship, etc.), she absolutely POSITIVELY loves them. She also likes Gigi, God's little princess by Sheila Walsh and Punchinello movies which are also Max Lucado. These movies are ones we let Rachel watch, and let her watch even with Megan around, but Megan usually is not interested in watching them.

The Princess Diaries, Akeelah & the Bee, High School Musical, Seabiscuit, Chronicles of Narnia, Cheaper by the Dozen (your family could probably relate with this movie...I know I could having grown up with a 4 siblings!), Dreamer, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory; Yours, Mine & Ours; Madagascar; Polar Express; Tooth Fairy; Ice Princess; We are Marshall; Miracle; Secondhand Lion

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