Monday, February 20, 2012


Does anyone out there....sprout?

Grow your own sprouts, that is.

I'm gonna do it.
I'm so stoked.
I'm so weird.

But sprouts are sooooo nutritious.
And soooo easy to grow.

I ordered some broccoli seeds.
Plus, I already have a large variety of grains to sprout.

Watch out, sprouting, here I come.
Don't even try to stop me.

It's gonna be so great.

Doesn't that sound exciting?

Sure does.

And how is your Monday going?


Hezra said...

well, let's see. MY Monday started when a dear friend called at 6 am... waking me. I climbed over two kids and around the hubster to get out and text her. lol no worries. I went back to sleep for a good HR in a bottom bunk in the girls room. lol

Matilda Joyce said...

are you just throwing the seeds in the ground and harvesting early or did you get one of those contraptions with the grow light?

Jennifer said...

I love sprouts! My gma used to make sandwiches for us and instead of using lettuce, she'd use sprouts! :) Hmmm...I ought to grow some!!

Madeleine said...

Ugh. I am starting. And also this:

NO I am not vegetarian. :P But stuff needs to change in this home.

HEY, how did you start your sprouts?!!?

Patty said...

I haven't had sprouts since the fifth grade when I found a worm in them....inside my sandwich. I will not be supporting you on your sprout adventure. LOL

Anonymous said...

Good luck growing those sprouts! :)

Chad and Kristy said...

Oh goodness Lori! Can I please just have a little bit of your energy!?!?!

Good Luck! I so admire you:)

Loren said...

I regularly grow alfalfa sprouts in a little layered box sprouter on my windowsill in the kitchen. One of my favourite sandwiches is herby garlic cream cheese, fresh tomatoes and alfafa sprouts with black pepper on grainy bread. Yum!

Jo's Corner said...

I grow sprouts! CHOCOLATE sprouts! I got a box of chocolates for Valentines Day and I took a bite out of each one (yep, I can do that, 'cuz I have no kiddlets!!) and now I'm gonna plant the other half of each and see what comes up! Hey! I won't be adding mine to salads, but I can bake some of those cookies in your recent post!!

On a serious note, : ) THANK YOU, for adding some Love into my life with the (very funny) card and the chocolates! They came at a perfect time. I have been sick for the past 2 weeks and not up to doing anything, but I want you to know that I DO appreciate your kindness and I know that I can always expect a smile several times a day on your blog!!

Keep doing whatever it is you do to have such a spunky spirit! You are loved! By me & Him!! ~ Jo

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Acceptance with Joy said...

I'm a sprouter!!

We sprout, grow micro greens and green shoots, too!! Ask away if you have any questions.

Chris said...

The only sprouts that are growing in this house ain't edible..they're sorta fuzzy!
Actually, that sounds like fun...are they easy? And do they thrive on neglect...?

Desiree' said...

We grew broccoli last summer and it was the best, so much better than store buought. My kids loved it and it was all I could do to kepp them out of it before I could pick and cook it!!!

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