Thursday, February 23, 2012

throw-back thursday

Awww, the late 70s.
There's just nothing that compares to this era.

The fashions.
The hair styles.
Well, everything.

And in my first of hopefully many installments of
Throw-Back Thursday

I give you....

my four sisters and me.

Left to right,
Robin (she's still this skinny)
Me (I think we all can agree that I haven't changed at all)
Kindel (good gracious, that does look way better now days)
Dana (though she remains the tallest and most modelesque of us all, we have somewhat caught up with her in size)
Keri (the youngest and most tormented of us all, poor girl)

Oh golly, that was fun.

Now if you'll excuse me,
I have some damage-control to do with a certain four ladies.


Healy Family said...

It's possible I still have that exact same shirt and pair of shorts.

I love to tell my son that I grew up in THE BEST time of music, but THE WORST time of fashion.

I routinely make fun of Bob Newhart and his leisure suits and plaid pants.

Anonymous said...

SOMEWHAT caught up with me in size - remember, big sister is watching!! Yes, I just made you 15 cents.

Holly said...

Love it!! And frankly, the 80's didn't get much better.

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