Tuesday, January 10, 2012

a quandary in my soul

My Brenden went back to college yesterday.


I'm not sure who thought up this whole,

But really,
it's ridiculous.

**Thinking Back...Dream segment**

The time Brenden stripped down to his boxers in the
car because it was like, 137 degrees outside.

The time Brenden planted himself smack-dab in front
of the TV (in Lucy's little chair) to watch Shawn Johnson.
**Dream Segment over**

I thought about strapping myself to his car
and refusing to let him go...
but he'd just drive the whole three hours back with me
dangling there.
So it seemed pointless.

But it did conjure up some reminiscing as he pulled

And I couldn't help but have THIS POST stand out in my
heart and mind.

If you've been around a while,
you likely know exactly what I'm talking about.
If not, you better go read it.

And after having read it again,
my sad heart is a little less sad to see him leave.

Or is it sadder?

It's a quandary in my soul.


Chad and Kristy said...

I knew it! I knew it! That was the exact post that was going through my mind too:)

megadog said...

Yep. A little less sad is correct. Buns on the fridge, not so fun! Ha ha ha! Loved that post.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I was going to be oh so disappointed if this post didn't include THAT post.....

Madeleine said...




4kids4us said...

Yep, I knew it would be that one, since at our house you were referred to for quite some time as "the one whose kid put his butt cheeks on the fridge"!

P.S. I'm so sad that I missed the ENTIRE giveaway thing. You were just testing us to see how often we check in on you, weren't you?

Karin said...

bahahahaha...I can't believe that was two years ago. :) You have no idea how often I think of that butt print on the fridge. hahahaha

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