Tuesday, January 3, 2012

mom, i don't even know you anymore

Setting: Kitchen
Cast of Characters: Nick and Me
Plot: Nick surfing TV channels, stunned

"Umm, Mom...
MOM, what the heck happened to Sports Center?"
It's gone.
It's just gone.
What happened to my Sports Center?"

"Oh, about that. Funny thing...Dad and I decided we should cut
back to the basic plan on our TV package."

*Flipping thru channels*
Wait, what?...Why the heck do we have QVC shopping channel
but not Sports Center? Hold on, do we still have Golf Channel?
We do still have Golf Channel, right?"

Me, cringing...
"Umm, no....no we don't. But we're saving like 30 bucks a month."

"Oh my word, Mom, I don't even know you anymore."

And I suppose it's by no coincidence that this man-child talked me into
buying some muscle-building protein earlier in the day.

The testosterone is running swiftly, I tell you.

And still no Sports Center or Golf Channel.

I do anticipate him to run away any day now.
Give me a call if he shows up at your
And if you have Sports Center or Golf Channel,
he just might.

The End.


Katy said...

Hahaha Sounds like my house with the Basketball channels! When my sister comes home from college the only thing that is ever on tv is basketball and she just sits there screaming at the tv.

The only good thing that comes from this is that I actually get off my butt and do something productive!

connie said...

omw! I'd have so much more counter space if it weren't for all the muscle milk, protien power and what-have-you!!!!! ah well, i'm so glad they're healthy (probably cuz they eat your pizza:)

Lacy said...

Good luck Lori! We turned cable off completely in June. The kids started to turn on me about August. Happily now in January the never mention it. We do stream netflix through our blue ray player (you can use Wii too). It works and we watch hardly any TV. It's great!

Jean said...

Come on over Nick!! Not only do we have sports center and the golf channel but we also have the soccer channel and a whole lotta sports guys arguing on TV... they...seem... to.. be... everywhere...

Wait a second that's Johnny and Jim arguing about sports!

Karin said...

Ha! Maybe he could chip in $15 or so to help and then he could get it back?! :)

Chris said...

Poor baby! Our poor kids...no TV, but I like Karin's idea.

Madeleine said...

There is a GOLF CHANNEL??!!??!!? Holy Moses.

Is it for insomniacs??!

I should check it out next time I am up at 3am. Like last night.

Poor kid.

I am getting rid of cable the day after Super Bowl. I get it turned back on the day before the first NFL game of the season. Samuel is trying to get all his tv watching in. Again, not too much time to do that in the day, but he tries to sneak things here & there.

I am staring to think maybe no tv is the way to go. But it may be painful not to watch my games. The help with the winter blues.

Golf channel.


Golf channel??

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