Monday, January 2, 2012

random keepsakes

I searched high and low, for days on end, looking for my camera cord so I
could put my recent pics on my computer.

High and low, I searched.
Low and high.

Then my dearest husband joined in my efforts and found it (within minutes)...
right in the desk drawer I had put it in.
I've got to start remembering that I am being organized now,
and when I'm looking for something,
I should start with looking in an organized
location, instead of under the furniture & such.

So I was thinking I had all kinds of fun pics on my camera
that would bring some fun blog posts.

But, it turns out that I only had a very limited amount
of random keepsakes.

Here you go.

Lucy came up to me the other day
and told me she must put this sticker on my robe.

Look at that badge of honor.
She notices that I'm doing a great job around here!
That girl is so attentive.
So I gave her ice cream for dinner.
Shhh, don't tell the others.

Then if that wasn't enough,
she took the time to write me a few notes to put by
my coffee mug & coaster (that she made for me),
with the post-it notes that Ninny gave her.

So I gave her ice cream for breakfast.

Sharply changing the theme here,
I made pizza for dinner last night.
Brenden requested Buffalo Chicken pizza to share with no one.

And because I run a charitable diner in my kitchen
(charitable meaning, my customers (meaning, my children)
don't pay but are quick to glance at their imaginative menus and
order whatever their hearts' desire...
and I almost always make it for them),
I made it for him.

That was the worst run-on sentence in the history of mankind.

And we took pics.
Because it was pretty.
And yummy.

And the crust was made with freshly milled wheat and was so healthy.
And my children get so mad at me when I tell them
how healthy things are that I make.
It apparently ruins the whole thing for them.

So my new mantra is,
"It's rotten for you, I tell ya! Rotten!"

That's all I have for you.
Now get out there and enjoy your Tuesday.
It's the only one this week that you get.
You can quote me on that.
It's deep, I know.


Patty said...

Girl that pizza looks awesome! You'll have to tell me how to make it. I could do it right?! LOL And seriously--I think I should just put on my blog--ditto what Lori said--because I have the same sticky notes everywhere from Riley and even a pin she insisted I needed to have on my sweater. Only mine says "Jesus loves you snow much". And I had to wear it everywhere. But I didn't feed her ice cream...I should have. Fail! Wow this comment is long. LOL! Bye!!

Tesseraemum said...

Love it!! We are so in a mountain of post it notes here too! I kid you not!!! Our Gma gave each of the grandkids a stack. Seriously! The last few years it was glue sticks. The bigs (college age and down) were getting a little too uppety in expecting them so this year she switched it up! Audrey was a bit disappointed but rallied when she realized how far the post its will take her! I am currently picking up tickets to a dance academy show. It was fantastic, I might add (the show that is!) Me being the bad mom, Audrey gets her own ice cream! We so need to get the girls together! They would have a ball! Sheri

Mandie said...

Lori, I love your sense of humor. Your blog brightens my day/night. You always bring a smile!

Chris said...

I have to hide my post-its (then I can't find them) or I see little bright pieces of paper everywhere. Did you know if they get wet, they bleed color all over the place?

Love the pizza Looks like you have the same kind of pizza pan that I do...holes in the bottom.

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