Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lolly's Advice {take it or leave it}

Now if your just now turning in,
there is a running-out-of-control advice column going here.
It all began with this post.
Go read it, you'll understand.

Here we go for more:

Dear Lori and Polly,

I've bought way too many books lately and run out of storage space for them.
I don't want to get rid of any. What should I do?

Dear Hannah,
Excuse me please while I put on my sarcasm bonnet.
Let's see now,
here are the options that I see.

1. Put a moratorium on all book-buying.
2. Get a Kindle
3. Open a library



Dear Lori and Polly,
What are the greatest ways to get people to leave comments on your blog?
Many people look at my blog, but don't leave comments!

Thank you for your help;
Hello Commenters

Dear Hello Commenters,
See this post.
There are brilliant suggestions that will
make all your wildest blogging dreams come true.


Dear Lori....and ummm "Polly"

(For time's sake I'm jumping to the question part of
her comment)

Now for MY question. I would like to take up some form of exercise.
As an amputee and being in a wheelchair, my options are limited.
What are your thoughts on Jump roping?

Dear Jo,
I'm a bit worried about your warped sense of humor.
I can tell that we would be great friends because of it.
I do think you should use a jump rope
in your wheel chair...even if it means you make a lasso out of it.
I think that could come in very handy.

Oh and if you send me your address, I'd sure love to
send YOU a Valentine's card.

I love your fighting spirit and funny edge as you endure
this extremely hard season in your life.

Love you,
Lolly (mostly Lori)


Dear Lori,

Last night on the TV show The Middle, it was mentioned the neighbor boys would put their butt cheek prints on the windshield of a brand new car if you left it sitting in the driveway rather than put it in the garage.

I'm pretty sure the writers got the idea from your blog.

Have you considered having your boys patent their butt cheeks?

It would be a bum deal if they didn't get some type of royalties from it.

Dear Nancy,
This has me on red alert and I can assure
you that my entire legal team is working around the clock to
track down the writers of this show.

The butt cheek printing is patented and copyrighted
by the buns of my boys.
Thank you for your warning.



Diane said...

You continue to crack me up!

Hello Commenters?? said...

Thank you so much for your help!

Tesseraemum said...

Funny!! Funny!!

The 1st time we watched the middle my husband got a little upset...He wanted to know who had been following us around and who gave these people permission to put our lives on tv!! HA!!
Jo, I think the jump rope could be an all around good purchase. Excercise, lasso, swinging it about to gain the attention of a spouse, children, workers at the grocery store. What a fabulous $5 investment!! Sheri

Jo's Corner said...

THIS is the MOST FUN I've had in a long time! Where have you girls been all of my life? I can see that we will also need to form a Support Group! I just giggle at each comment/question and of course, Lolly's Advice!

Lori. we ARE friends, but even better, we are Sisters! I look forward to sitting together in Heaven! Oh, how He must be smiling down on His Girls! : )

And, since you "asked":
KJ Moseley
802 Troy Rd. Apt 105
Albert Lea, MN. 56007

Hannah said...

Lolly your wisdom is truly astounding. I will be opening my library as soon as possible. lol

Karin said...

Gasp?! Someone copied the butt cheek thing? How rude!! Good thing you blog has publishing dates so that everyone can see it was your BOYS who came up with the idea first. :)

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