Friday, January 20, 2012

inappropriate, illegal, and rebellious

Have you ever had your neighbor-friend
leave you a bag of special tea leaves in a ziplock bag in
your mailbox?

And when you retrieve them out of your mailbox
you just laugh and laugh and laugh
at how inappropriate, illegal, and completely rebellious

Yeah, that happened to me yesterday.

*Check back later for Polly's replies to your questions.
Oh, and Polly may or may not have changed her name.


Angie said...

Dear Polly, What do you do when someone leaves a bag of "inappropriate" substances in your mailbox without going through proper federal channels...or

Karin said...

Um... No. :)

I like Angie's comment. :)

Anonymous said...

I link Angie's comment...good one!

Rachel said...

oh my!

Desiree' said...

surprised the mailman didn't confiscate it!! LOL

Debby said...

I would totally laugh about it!!!

Hezra said...

Haha! I have some older friends(now in their late 70s) who were "teachers" in Ch*na. They taught many things and are primarily very Godly people who worked to spread God's word. lol, when they were coming back, she had a zippie bag of catnip in her suitcase.(ok so really, WHY import that?) She is a tiny and sweet american lady and VERY quiet and good natured. She was taken aside at customs because the security guards in that country thought it was something inappropriate and illegal. lololol We have laughed a thousand times because she was clueless as to what they even THOUGHT it was!

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