Thursday, January 5, 2012

first dentist appointment

Today was Isaiah's very first dentist appointment.
Actually, it was yesterday.
But we missed it.
Because my brain no longer functions in a normal fashion.

And when Lucy was looking at the calendar on Tuesday night
and said to me,
"Mom, Isaiah's dentist appointment is tomorrow (Wednesday)."

I said to her,
"No, Honey, it's Thursday."

Even though it was clearly written down for Wednesday.
And I apparently feel no reason whatsoever to
look at what's written down, even when someone brings it to
my attention.

So when the dentist office called me on WEDNESDAY to reschedule,
I told Lucy that she was right and umm,
yeah...she basically rolled her eyes at me and said,
"I tried to tell you that."

Anyway, the moral of the story is this.
I am putting Lucy in charge of all calendar events.

And here's Mr. Isaiah Jack,
loving his appointment.

When the hygienist put sunglasses on him, he actually said,
"Do I look good?"

Oh dear.

Anyway, it was a peaceful appointment,
unlike with others that we won't mention here.
Lucy Joy.

I'm so thankful that the caboose of our children train is so easy going.


Lacy said...

I love it! He is too stinking cute.

Don't feel too bad about the appointment. I consistently show up a week early for dentist appointments, eye doctor appointments, orthodontist etc.... And I miss a few too. LOL! I have a calender as well. It's just how I roll:)

Chris said...

We almost arrived 2 months early for the girls' dentist appt. Hope informed me that the appt is on Dec 28 and since she is usually very accurate I didn't question it. Until I started writing the new appts on the 2012 calendar and guess what? the appt was 02/28...not 12/28. thought it was strange that they hadn't called to remind us of the appt.

Joanne Reddell said...

He's adorable! Glad the apt went so well! Love the shades!!!!

Shonni said...

You always make me laugh...thanks!!!!

Jean said...

Okay... how many cavities does this boy have... he looks way to happy!

The words massive cavities were used for our two newest little ones!

They went and got a quick look but next time when we go back to the dentist- they won't be smilin!

BTW- could Lucy be in charge of my calendar, too!

Holly said...

Oh my...I have done that!! I have it in my head that an appointment is a certain day or time or whatever. Some little tiny voice in my head tells me I should really check the calendar to make sure, but do I? No. :)

Debby said... finally learned to let the FU take care of all the scheduleing & calendar stuff. My life is so much easier now that my 9 yr old is in charge of our is one organized girl. I hire her out to organize.........I'm dreading the day she leaves home....

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