Friday, December 2, 2011

a list of goings-on

I feel the need to post something.

Nothing in particular going on though.

But, I'll give you a run-down of my life, as of today.

1. Here is a recent conversation I had with my doctor
(slightly modified, of course):

"Doctor, my mood swings are horrible...what to do?"

"You really need to exercise regularly, Lori.
It will help."

"Doctor, my sleeping is horrible...what to do?"

"You really need to exercise regularly, Lori.
It will help."

"My housework is boring, I'm disorganized, lacking
good management skills, and never know
what to make for dinner...what to do?"

"You really need to exercise regularly, Lori.
It will help."

Sure it will.

But, I'm here to tell you that for the last three mornings
I've hit the treadmill pretty hard.
And even did some squats.
Which explains why I can't go up and down the stairs now.
Or sit down.

Anyway, we'll see if this exercise thing is really all
it's hyped up to be.

I suspect it's just a fading trend.

2. Tomorrow we are having seven Chinese college students
over for hot-pot.

Hot diggity dog, I can't wait!!!

3. I almost have all my Christmas shopping done.
Which is about 22 days earlier than usual.

4. I can't wait to eat leftover chili and baked potatoes for lunch.
I am obsessed with chili and baked potatoes.
And cheese.
And sour cream.

Is it lunchtime yet?

5. I can't think of a number five.
Except to say that my house is a wreck and I really must go.
I knew exercising wouldn't help.

I just knew it.


The Kings said...

A friend of mine who is also in this Peri-menopausal stage of life swears by this stuff -
I haven't tried it yet, but I am going to....I have to. :)
I'll let you know if it helps. :)
For the mood swings that is...don't think it's going to help with the housework.

Holly said...

EXERCISE?? What is that, anyway?

Nancy said...

We are way low on groceries and I've been eating baked potatoes with sour cream, butter and cheese for three days now :) I'm not complaining though...

Hang in there with the mood swings. They will get better. Don't discount how crappy you are feeling, it really is a bum deal. But when you feel better, you will be oh so grateful!

Karen said...

What base are you using for your hot pot? I was in Chongqing for our last adoption and had hotpot 4 times in a week:-) Loved it but not sure how to make it here.

Sorry about the mood swings. I dream about getting up and exercising every morning. I am quite good at it too:-)

Matilda Joyce said...

hint: cleaning counts as exercise... is that helpful or do you want to smack me upside the head??

what, pray tell, is hot pot?

Karin said...

ha. Good luck with the exercise fad. Every now and then I try it. I admit that I do feel better when I do it but then I forget and....oh well. Try some herbal stuff. Black Cohash, Primrose, etc. It takes the edge off. :)

Chris said...

Post your recipe for hot pot, I'd like to try it.
Oh, and exercise?! makes you hot and sweaty...just like hot flashes.
Actually I'm not quite there yet, but I probably still need the exercise.

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