Tuesday, November 29, 2011

vanilla {bottled}

Horrible picture, I know.


I bottled up my vanilla.

Yes, I did that.

It was quite fun and fulfilling to me.
I was overflowing with joy.
Joy, I tell you.

I have a plan to put some of it for sale on my blog.
But I'm feeling a bit hesitant,
mostly because of mailing it...I'm so worried of a vanilla disaster
sweeping our mail system.
Though, wouldn't it smell divine?
It would.
I'm a tad concerned about the price.
But, the thing is...I've got a lot of money into this little project.
And from what I've read,
the higher the alcohol content, the better the quality and concentration.
And um, me's gots a lots of alcohol goin' on.

So...be watching for my flavored vodka, I mean, vanilla extract sale.

Hopefully coming tomorrow or Friday-ish.

Good day!


Karin said...

Oh cool...I've been waiting for this. :) To take a brighter picture, go buy a cheapy white foam board at Target (like $2). You can cut it in half and place your bottles on one part and use the other one as the background. Ta-da...a 'studio' shot in the making. Did you ever find any cute labels to print? I've been meaning to look for you but haven't had a chance. You could maybe even make some in Picnik??? They have some cute designs that might work.

Matilda Joyce said...

I was wondering how that vanilla was coming along!

Jennifer said...

Very cool girl! :)

Sally-Girl! said...

Just sent you a text photo of what is brewing in my closet!!! Give me six months!!!

Angie said...

Sounds like we'll all be feeling a bit more jolly after cooking with your vanilla! :)

Jo's Corner said...

Hi Lori ~ Go to USPS dot com and order some Small Priority Mail boxes. They are free. They even deliver them to you at home at no charge. They are a flat rate, I think $5.05 per box. They would hold one bottle. You can also order the medium size for 2 or more bottle. Hope this helps and I'm not telling you stuff you already know!! : )
Hugs ~ Jo

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