Friday, December 2, 2011


My vanilla sale is up and running!
I had a cute little button set up through Paypal but
it wasn't working, so....

In the mean time, if you'd like to place an order,
please feel free to email me directly.

Or go right ahead and jump on Paypal and use my
email address to make your payment.

I have:

4 oz. bottles for $14
8 oz. bottles for $24

the quality is GREAT.
WAY better than what you'd get in the store.
I have an extra vanilla bean in each bottle that will keep
your brew brewing...should you decide to add a little
extra "fuel" to keep it going, long-term.

I'm always looking out for you that way.

Thank you, friends!


Karin said...

I want some!! The 14 oz one.

Holly said...

They look great!

Jean said...

How wonderful!! I would like to buy one too but I'm in China! If there are any left once we get home then I will!!

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