Wednesday, November 9, 2011


My life continues to be a hodge-podge of chaotic craziness.
But I wouldn't have it any other way.
Actually, I would.
It really wouldn't hurt my feelings for someone to swing by every
Thursday (or whatever day...I'm not picky at all)
to ease my burden of house-cleaning and child-rearing.
At least for an afternoon.
Or five.

Ok, moving on...

Today was lovely because my littles and I spent
the morning with my friend Mary and
her two adorable little Ethiopian darlins'.
And dern-it, I forgot my camera.
But just imagine the cutest Chinese/African kiddos
together, playing ever-so-nicely.
Cute as lil' buttons, they were!

And let me just tell you, there ain't nothing like two adoptive
moms getting together to vent and laugh about
the roller coaster ride of adoption.
No amount of high-dollar therapy can ever top that.

Backing up a bit...

So last week my Chinese friend Joyce came over
with a couple of her college comrades to
interview me about attachment for a project they are doing for their
master's program in social work.

It was most delightful!
And Joyce even brought mooncakes, fresh from Beijing...that her
uncle made,
hand delivered right here to us in the heart of
the Midwest in a Chipotle bag.

We laughed.
Oh, did we laugh.

Unrelated to that
(because my thoughts are very scattered)...

While I was making dinner last night,
Isaiah came up to me in this Santa hat asking me if he could watch a movie.
It was hilarious.
He has no idea who Santa is.
And I have no idea where he found the hat.

And remember how I was on a glass jar craze?

Well, I decided that things looked a little too serious
with all the tans & whites.

So I added a splash of color and whimsical fun...

M & M's solve everything, don't they?

And lastly,
here is Isaiah from earlier today.
He dressed himself.
No, really...he did.

So there you have it.

I'm tired and need to get some coffee or something.

Enjoy your Wednesday!


quilt-n-mama said...

Looks life things are going well. I got interviewed for the same project last Friday too! Can't wait to hear how it goes for them!
Moon cakes... how were they? SInce I traveled right before the moon festival, we tried a few in China... ummmmmm... YUCK! was my response to most!

Janet and Kevin said...

You are right about two adoptive moms getting together - so much understanding going on, it is priceless time spent.

Love the splash of color - M and M's - my favorite!

janet and gang

Jennifer said...

How sweet of her to bring moon cakes..fresh moon cakes at that! :) Love the M&M's! They make everything better!!! :) Love little man's smile in his backwards attire! He is a doll!

Shonni said...

Oh sweet Lori, I will come to your house if you will come to mine...I’ll even have a huge class jar full of M&M’s just for you!!!

Lisa said...

Lori, I know exactly how you feel, wishing someone would just come to your house and take care of everything for a day. I have that wish at least 5 times a week -- "Can't I just take a day off?!?" -- and I only have 2 kiddos! But we soldier on, don't we? Sounds like you could use a spa day!

Sally-Girl! said...

Oh how I just wish all my glass jars looked like yours on the counter!!! Mine are all different jars, most recycled from other items and is truly a hodge podge!

Martha said...

Girl, that glass jar craze has hit me hard. I have found a site of 50 things to do with glass jars and another one with 50 foods to put into glass jars. I am always on the hunt for unique glass containers and have gathered some nice ones at thrift stores and such. Is there a support group for this addiction - glass container collectors anonymous? I need more than 50 ideas of things to put into them :o)

On another note - bb season has started and it just won't be the same without you all in the stands!
It is just going to be weird all the way around. No home gym, and to top it off, the schedule has the Alumni game on New Years Eve - seriously?

Karin said...

Jake and Isaiah would be great friends! :) Jake STILL puts his shoes on the wrong feet and INSISTS they are correct. He finally wears his clothes correctly but his underwear is usually on backwards. :) Love the M&M's. Good luck keeping them there. You might have to spray them with hair spray or something so the jar is not constantly empty--cuz that would totally RUIN the whole look. Just sayin...

jiaoie said...

man.... who is so lame to bring mooncake in a chipotle bag? hahaha.... ^_^

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