Sunday, November 13, 2011

happy birthday to me {perimenopausal trilogy}

So yesterday was my birthday.

Number 43, on


Obviously my mother just wasn't thinking ahead when
she decided to hold me off until 12th, thus missing the 11.11.11 mark.
Bless her heart.
She did what she could.

All bitterness aside,
I think it's the perfect time to wrap up my perimenopausal
discussion, making it into a much-deserved trilogy.

Who am I kidding, we'll whine about this thing til
we're all completely through with it.

Yes, we sure will.

So let's recap.

We've covered sleeplessness.
We've talked about moodiness.

And now we'll discuss weight gain.

Lord have mercy, where in the world did this jelly roll come from?
Or as the kids today would call it,
a muffin top.

This is not me.
I repeat, NOT ME.
Not that this lovely gal looks bad,
I'm just not quite there yet.
But we're moving in that general direction.

So really I have nothing else to say about this.

I think we all can agree that
God has an interesting sense of humor.

Oh wait...I forgot all about unwanted facial hair.
Well, we'll save that for another day.

So, Happy Birthday to me.
Now excuse me while I grab my love handles
and try to work in a nap.
And where the heck are my tweezers?


Janet and Kevin said...

The symptoms keep going - I am almost 53 and still having them all! The weight gain is the hardest because no matter what I eat or how much I exercise, it just keeps coming! (Except, of course, going to Ch*na and getting sick - then I lost weight! Maybe should do that more often!! )

Here's to getting "older"!!!


janet and gang

Jennifer said...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday! :) Do we ever grow out of nit-picking our selves? Nah, we don't. :) I do it all the time. You are a beautiful woman of God and He didn't make a mistake in the way He made you. :) Hugs!

Vicky said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Shonni said...

LAUGHING over here. Happy Birthday to you!!!

Chris said...

Happy Birthday! what is it with the facial hair? I have boys happy that their's is growing and me...not so much.

Rachel said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! One of my secret fears is to be one of those people captured on camera from behind for one of those "obesity in the US" news segments. You, on the other hand, have no evidence of a muffin top my friend!
Birthday hugs to you!

Robin said...

Happy birthday!

Susan A said...

happy birthday, Lori! :) oh, so that's what a muffin top means! I have one and I'm not even in my 40's :(


Sally-Girl! said...

Happy Birthday from one peri to another!!!

But have to say changing my diet (gluten and sugar free) and doing yoga has gotten rid of all of my peri symptoms!!!

Learning Together at Home said...

I could've written this one myself. Guess whose birthday is tomorrow and guess who began having nasty hot flashes LAST WEEK? Yuck! I am soooo over this aging gracefully thing. This is war! ;)

Cari said...

ah man! i didn't go on fb yesterday, so i missed the birthday notice. :( Happy belated birthday! I say OWN those love handles...because they're custom made. :)

jiaoie said...

Oh, I missed your birthday! Happy belated birthday! ^_^ 生日快乐!^_^ You should be glad you weren't born on 11.11, because it's single's day in China. hahahaha...

LaRita said...

You are too funny! Thanks for making me laugh! FYI, I'm right there with you - the really funny part, I really can't find my tweezers! Off to the drugstore at first daylight!


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