Monday, November 7, 2011

lucy the prayer warrior

Every single day the very first thing Lucy and
I do before we get started with school
is get out her prayer journal that she started a couple
months ago, and PRAY.

She is quite the little prayer warrior.

She prays for a variety of people on a regular basis.
And then there's a few who make the list on some weeks,
and not on others.
I have no idea of her rhyme or reason.
If you're not on her list, take it up with her.

But Brenden is ALWAYS first on the list.
Every single time. How sweet is that?

she also lists what she's thankful for for that week.

This week's thankful list:

I assume the laundry one really means that she's so
very thankful for a mommy who does an amazingly fabulous
job getting her clothes clean, folded and sometimes put away.

Oh how our Lord's ears perk when He hears one of
His littlest ones calling on Him!

*I got reprimanded for taking pics while we were praying,
just so you know.

Have a happy Monday!

And don't forget to pray with your kids.


Adrian Roberta said...

What a cutie-patootie!!! And you showing off.....actually folding & putting the clothes away...(not just leaving it on the foot of your bed for the week...) I'm sorry ...but you are raising the bar just TOO high now. *snort*

Back to packing.....2 more sleeps (but really...who's sleeping...)

Sally-Girl! said...

Sweet girl!!! Bryson has been doing a fair share of praying lately too. "God, please let my legs stop hurting!". It is so sweet!!! And sometimes he will say, "You see He heard me. It worked!"

Anyhow tell little Lucy that Bryson would like to be on her list!!

Vicky said...

What a sweet beautiful post! One of my favorite today!

Anonymous said...

Too precious!

Jean said...

Awwww- that is so cute!! I'm glad she gave it to you for photographing the prayer session!!

Oh course I would have done the crime and taken the time, too!! Good choice Mom!!

Does Auntie Jean ever make it on the list?? That would be me and yes, I know I'm not officially an Aunt BUT I have met her... once!

Susan A said...

how lovely :) :) that's a good habit to start! :)

Jennifer said...

That is so precious! She has such a sweet little heart. I bet the Lord just smiles every time he hears her voice. :) Love it!

Holly said...

I love that! Way to go, Lucy!! (And Mom for doing that laundry!!)

Joanne Reddell said...

OMGoodness, Miss Lucy Bug is precious beyond words!! Such a wonderful post about such a sweet prayer warrior! You're forming great habits in her, if you could just teach her to do the family's laundry.......just sayin'

Gina said...

So sweet, and I love her hair.

Kathy said...

I love it! So very precious!
Her hair is adorable!
Such a wonderful blessing to listen
to our little ones as they share their
hearts with the Lord. Chloe always
has so much to say and we can barely
understand her. I know our Father in
heaven can and that is all that matters! :)

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