Monday, August 15, 2011

morphine and martini drips

I had such high hopes to tell you all about my productive weekend.

to tell you that I made a double batch of cookie dough
and wheat bread for the freezer.

that I organized 3/4 of my troops to pick up sticks
and hedge apples in the yard.

that I planted my fall garden.
Spinach, lettuce, broccoli, and carrots, thank you very much.

that I ordered my grain mill.

that I actually went through every stack of papers
in my living room (and elsewhere)
and filed, trashed, and mailed every last bit of it.

I wanted to tell you all that.

But instead,
I'm catching my breath from having spent the ENTIRE DAY
in the ER with Lucy-bug.

People, can you please understand that this child cannot,
I repeat,
CANNOT, handle any amount of pain?

She was up ALL NIGHT Sunday night with severe abdominal pain
and fever.

We got up with hopes that she would bounce back
but she didn't.

She couldn't.

She couldn't.

So off to the hospital we went.
We feared appendicitis.
But it turns out, after two rounds of IV fluids,
blood work, MORPHINE (for her, not me...dang it) and an xray,
that our darling daughter has a stomach virus
and was (IS) loaded with gas (and other such things).

Bless her stopped-up bottom.*Photo taken after Morphine drip for Lucy and Martini drip for Mommy.
Partially kidding, of course.

Then, after five hours,
I said, FIVE HOURS, in the hospital, I had to meet up with Nick
to take him to the podiatrist.

Of course I did.

What else would I do?

Does life ever become simple?

Don't answer that.

*A big thank-you to my in-laws who came to stay all day with
the rest of our kiddos at home!


Anonymous said...

Geeze why haven't you already told us that you can get a martini drip at the hospital! Hope Lucy is feeling better.

Karin said...

ARGH!!! Glad it wasn't appendicitis, but wow... 5 hours in ER for a stomach virus is so not cool. So sorry you had such a crummy day. And I hope you don't end up with the virus. Take your vitamins!! :)) HUGS!!

patty said...

Oh girl! That is awful!!!! Poor Lucy! Poor you! Well I'm glad it wasn't more serious but ack! These Fu's........what are we gonna do with them?!!!!

Rachel said...

Oh Lori!! I'm so sorry! Hugs & prayers from afar!

Jennifer said...

Whoa, rough day for sure! Praying for little miss to get better soon!

megadog said...

I liked your list of things that you should have been able to do much better! You poor lady. Those hospital trips are never ending and exhausting for everyone. Hope next weekend you get to finish every single item on your list.

Debby said...

Hiope she's better by now & kept the virus to herself.....

Anonymous said...

Hey let the record show that dad was there every step of the way

Desiree' said...

aww. so sorry. I am right there with you, spent all day at ER for me...and then came home to a sweety throwing up all night...needless to say I now need a martini drip!! LOL

Hezra said...

oh man, sorry I am late on this! I have been disconnected from blog. My computer needs a morphine drip and me? Martini drip fo sho...

Chris said...

argh! never know which way to jump with these kiddos!

David and Janet Hurley said...

Just a thought, since this has happened before. Does she have to pee all the time? 1 of my kids did this, all the pressure from the gas made her feel like she had to pee all the time. The doctor was shocked at the amount of gas in the xray. Turned out she was lactose intolerant. After getting all the gas out of her, the waistbands on all her clothes were loose! It was my homegrown kid--but ya know Asians have a high rate of lactose intollerance.
Hope all is well for now=)

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