Friday, August 12, 2011

farm skills contest {lost in translation}

First of all,
I need you to mourn with me for just a moment or two.
I tried my first batch of mozzarella cheese...
and it was a failure.
Dang it.
But the good news is,
I now know how to spell it without using my spell-check.
Baby steps.

I blame the quality of milk.
Which is all the more reason I need dairy goats.

Moving on...

We went to our little teeny tiny township fair yesterday.
I had all kinds of fantasies of my Chinese children
quickly becoming little cattle ranchers
and bread bakers as a result
of our experience.

That didn't happen.
Far from it.

But 3 out of 4 of them did enjoy the horse shoes.
So I count that as a step in the right direction....

But I totally lost them during the Farm Skills Contest.

Not a smile to be seen for miles.
Nary a grin.

I think Macy's expression pretty much sums
up her opinion on country livin'.

Chinese city slickers.
I'll convert them if it kills me.

Yes, I will.


Karin said...

Don't give up!! :) My Chloe just asked me today if she could get a chicken so that she could sell the eggs. She was dead serious. So I told her I would ask you how much it costs to feed a you need a rooster for the hen(s) to lay eggs, etc. Lay it on me, girl! She and Jeff figured out a way to hide them from the neighbors. ha.

Rachel said...

I'm sorry, but those "farm skills" pics made my morning...FUNNY!! Keep workin on that cheese, friend. You can do it!

Jennifer said...

I love Macy's face! So not fun, mom! ;) Sorry the mozzarella didn't turn out! It will soon! :) Isn't this weather glorious? Lovin' it!!! :)

Hezra said...

hahaha... Macy's expression says, um, yeah, take me to something I hate AND take a picture?? lol

Holly said...


Chris said...

Yeah, what is WITH these kids? Took mine to a country auction and all they wondered is..."can we get something to eat?"

Cheese makin ain't for the faint of heart...

Adrian Roberta said...

ROFL, even Isaiah looked bored out of his tree! (-: Too funny. Mabie Macy will like to milk the goat when you get her. *every* teen girl dreams of the day they get to milk the *family goat*.

(-: *sigh* You just kill me

Gretchen said...

Too funny. LOVE Macy's face. Also love the totally fazed out faces of the other kids.

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