Sunday, August 7, 2011

my kids {a brief update}

Macy is a definite favorite around our house.
The kids find her positively lovable.

And they just can't resist her one bit...

I think she's pretty swell too!

No pics of Eli, darn it.
But I will tell you that I took him recently to get
his teeth cleaned and he loved every single minute of it.
He even thanked
the hygienist afterwards.

Something like,
"Sank you,"
with the biggest grin imaginable.

Then he continued to smile all the way to the car.
And when he got home.

He must have thought it was a luxurious spa treatment,
just for him.

I love to spoil my kids that way.

As for my biggest boys, well Brenden is getting
packed up to leave for college.
**My hands are over my ears while I loudly hum,
lalalalalala...I can't hear you...**

And Nick is just being Nick, getting ready to start his
junior year.

I can't stand that they are growing up and I insist
that they stop it, this minute.

And for a cheese update:
I got my kit in the mail.
I'm still trying to gather all the equipment I need (nothing fancy).
I really hope to whip up a batch tonight.
Or tomorrow.
Or the next day.
Definitely by the weekend.

I hope you all have a fabulous Monday!


Karin said...

I'll be waiting anxiously to find out about your cheese. :) Hope it's yummy.

I'll be praying for you re: Brendan leaving. Such a bittersweet time. HUGS!!!

Janet and Kevin said...

That was so cute about Eli. How we take things for granted that seem like luxury to others. (Did I spell that right??!!)

Will be thinking about you dear friend as your first born goes off to college. It is as big a transition for parents as it is for the child.


janet and gang

Hezra said...

I am so jealous. I wanna MACY to help wrangle MY littles. lol
Sorry you have a nest leaver. And a near grown boy too. I am already feeling that panic about MY kids growing up and my oldest is only 14. But y baby(BABY!) is 6. sniff. Hoping our new three get here soon because then I will have a 4 yr old darling. :-)

Sally-Girl! said...

Gracie and Eli have the same sank you!!

How did Nick do at the tourney??? Tell him that Kev just caddied for the Reno-Tahoe Tournament. He got to hob-nob with all the pros and got paid for it to boot!

Adeye said...

You Macy really is a gem, isn't she? I simply cannot get over how far she has come in such a short time. Amazing.

Sharla said...

What a sweet post... Zack is a senior this year and I can't even imagine what next year will be like... Praying for your transition (and heartache...)


Jean said...

Our kiddos love the big kids too!! So cute!! I bet Macy loves it too!!

As for the dentist- our girls are the same way0- they love to be cared for EVEN if it is just the dentist- you'd think they died and went to heaven!!

Me... I'll take the spa!

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