Wednesday, August 17, 2011

a good sign

With Lucy being in charge,
there is a lot of girly stuff that goes on,
which she includes Isaiah in.

This makes his biggest brothers cringe.

But yesterday,
since Lucy was on the couch feeling rotten,
Isaiah-man ventured out to do some manly things, on his own...
without any guidance from Lu.
We all suspected this was possible.
*Don't tell Lucy*

He brought me a handful of dead bugs...

Proud as punch, he was.

He struck gold.

Once Nick caught wind of this,
he breathed a sigh of relief and said,
"That is a very good sign."

Then he stuck a plunger onto his littlest brother's belly.

You know,
to continue the manly behavior.

Which was hilarious, so thought Isaiah.

Then the two men had some cuddle time.
In a manly, wrestling kind of way...
Of course.

Very adorable.

Very manly.


patty said...

Super adorable, super manly. But umm, what the heck on the bugs....what are those exactly???? I don't think we have those here. And can I just say I'm so jealous of you today? Oh yes I am. I hope you have your feet up, drinking coffee right now!

Hezra said...

oh wow. poor lucy!! And so funny that Isaiah had free reign today. bug. yay. lol and the plunger... am I the only one thinking WHERE has that thing been??? lol very adorable manly men you have.

Anonymous said...

The plunger...SO BOY! :)

Chris said...

I'm surprised that Nick doubted the manliness of that child! He just oozes boy...but he will be a lady-killer, taught by Lucy herself.

What do you guys call those bugs? We call them katy-dids

Sally-Girl! said...

Absolutely adorable and manly I must say for the little as well as the big brother!!

Kathy said...

Yup! He definitely is all boy and
such a cutie! I am waiting for the
live ones. : )

David and Janet Hurley said...

You must really be a country girl----cuz I would be having a stroke if those bugs were brought into my house. I probably would be screaming over the fact that a kid even picked it up.
You're such a cool mom!

Jean said...

read this b-4 but didn't have time to comment- I love it and say YUCK at the same time!

Isaiah and Sam really need to meet!

Our older boys are havin a hard time with all the girly influence!

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