Saturday, May 21, 2011

getting you up to speed

Got some catchin' up to do with ya'll.
My 'puter is back and she's working just fine.
Nothing was lost from that
nasty virus.
Saying I'm thankful just doesn't quite capture how relieved I am.

So yesterday afternoon we went to a little grad party for Brenden
and his friends.
And since I was going to be seeing people (other than Wal Mart clerks),
I put on mascara and everything.
We loaded up the crew and went to the par-tay.

Just a few pics of some very good friends...

Now I must stop or I'll cry again.
And the grad events have just begun.
Stupid kids growing up.

Back on the ranch, where I've managed to widdle down my
getting-ready time to about 7 minutes (hence the lack of mascara most days).
Priorities, people.
And survival.

Nick is crazy about our littlest dude.And little dude, as I mentioned in an earlier post,
is terrified of our dog, Domino (well, Zeke too but he doesn't roam free like Domino).

So here is Eli on the porch trying to convince Isaiah that's it's really
okay to come on out and give Domino some lovin'.

Nothing doin'.

Ain't gonna happen.

UNTIL, finally the Amazing Macy lured
him to our harmless canine and he quickly found that,
hey, this doggy isn't so bad!

I'm pretty tickled at how well Macy has been since the boys
have been home.
To say that she's feeling settled into our family like never before,
would be an understatement.
To say that she feels empowered to NOT be the newbie anymore
goes without saying.
To say that she is beyond helpful in every way, well, just makes
my heart leap with joy.
She loves her new brothers.
And she seems to love being in our family like never before.

She and Eli love playing the Wii together...

Little Mr. Curiosity is busy discovering all the toys.
Which is proving to be a tad stressful for Lucy-bug.
We are working on that.
My sweet littlest girly seems to be the one struggling the most
with all these new changes.
Don't worry, we're giving her extra TLC.
She had the same unsettled feelings when Macy came and now
they're the best of friends.
Lots of love and time will get her through.

But here is Isaiah-man as a rock-star...

Our little guy's fine motor skills seem to be really great.
He loves to color.

And yes, those cheeks are irresistible and
get a gazillion kisses and nibbles every single day.
I just can't resist.

Well, I think that gets up to to speed on things for now.

This afternoon is Brenden's Baccalaureate.
So, more boo-hooing is in my near future.

Have a blessed Lord's Day!!


Tracy said...

Oh my!! What a beautiful family. Isaiah is about the cutest thing ever. Im with you, I would be kissin all over those cheeks. He is the smiliest little thing. Cute! Cute! Cute!
I am so thankful for you all and the way you stepped forward to give Eli a family. He looks so comfortable and happy in his new surroundings and is such a hansome young man.

Anonymous said...

My oldest baby is graduating too. I thought I was going to be o.k. because he did his sr. year of high school at college and got credit for high school and college. So he has not even been to the high school this year. My parents gave him a graduation party last night and it really hit me. I am afraid I better take lots of tissues Saturday. LOVE how well things are going for your family and am so thrilled with how all of this has affected Miss Macy!

Joanne Reddell said...

Wonderful pics!! Thanks for the update! BTW, Isaiah is super cute! What a precious beautiful smil! And, way to go, Macy!!! What a gift and a blessing she is to your family, especially now!!

You are a blessed mama! ♥ you!

Reid, Dawn, Jilli, & Dru! said...

I am so glad that everything is going so well! Your family is beautiful and you are doing a superb job!

We leave TUESDAY for China to meet our 10 y.o. daughter Mia in Guongzhou :) I will never forget how you helped me on my last trip. I am eternally grateful. Hopefully, this one will end much differently and I will just be emailing you with GOOD news ;)

Take care,

Cari said... sweet! I'm soooo glad to read what you said about Macy. That's just great for her! Lucy will come around as you well know. Besides, how can she resist those adorable eyes & checks on that little guy...too cute!

Holly said...

Oh, my heart is smiling so big. : ) Love it, love it!! And I can only imagine how you are feeling about the big graduation. I went to our state homeschool conference this weekend, and they had a little grad ceremony there. I didn't know any of the kids graduating, but I cried. Yeah. And I am not typically a cryer!! I'm sure you are as proud as punch, but I would be boohooing with you, I'm sure.

Jean said...

AGAIN_ loving the pics and yes those cheeks are irresistible. I'm just a bloggy friend and I feel a need to kiss them!!

Yes- Anna has the most trouble in our family- she is pretty certain she is one of the birth children and has NEVER been to China before... sharing ?? that is a foreign word! Someone must be speakin chinese!

So thankful and happy at how well Macy is doing!!

Having a little crew from China has been good for our kids too! They feel connected!! We have always thought there would be strength in numbers!

Jean said...

Me again!
Just have to say this!
Isaiah looks like Kelly! I'm serious- he really does!
Has anyone else said that?
Or is it just me??

Susan said...

Can you just see God's fingerprints all over this???!!! xoxo

Tony and Rett said...

Love, love, love the updates.

Family. It just rocks.

And yours is pretty amazing.

Janet and Kevin said...

That senior year is just so bittersweet for a mama and a papa, isn't it? We think graduating from the high school years is one of the biggest jumps every! From family safety net to big world!

Loving the pictures of your family bonding together. Lovely!

janet and gang

Karin said...

Dying have yourself a little Jakie jr. :))))) LUCKY YOU!!! Enjoy! And please put me back on auto delivery?!?!?! Please?!?!?! :)))))

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