Friday, May 20, 2011

guess what these are...

I will give you exactly 237 guesses as to what these little gadgets are.

Some sort of kitchen apparatus?

Manicure tool?

Surgical instrument?


You are so off.

Okay, I'll tell you.

They are ear-wax pickers.
Straight from China.

They were sent via Hao Hao from his brother to
his friend in Washington.

Apparently Q-tips just don't do the trick on
Chinese ear wax.

And being that they're sturdy stainless steel,
they can just be thrown into the dishwasher and used
for years to come.

In other news:
A new delicious recipe to share with you later.

Hungry, aren't you?


Holly said...

You are fantastic Lori. Such a hoot!
Wow that is surely something I have never seen before. How on earth did we miss this in our trips to China?!

Kim K. said...

Cool. We definitely could use those at our house. We regularly end up at the doctor's office for a good flushing of ear wax with Miss Josie.

Cari said... funny that you should post about "chinese ear wax"! every time i take sami to the ENT because she has tubes in her ear {related to her cl/cp} he always has to pull out a huge piece of wax before he can look at her ear drum. and he even said that it's pretty common for chinese people to have that. i guess i need to find me one of those on ebay or something so i can clean out my girl's ears properly. :)

btw...thanks for your email...super helpful...i need to go rest my brain because it's pretty much mush from trying to process all this new info.

Patty said...

Oh seriously--THAT is what they look like?? Oh good gracious, do I want him sticking that in his ear???? You just take your time sending those bad boys over here girl. I thought they'd look like the little wire loopy thing like they use at the drs......those look like some serious tools. Wow. Great. Gee. Thanks. LOL

Chris and Sarah said...

I would have to agree that regular Q-tips are not enough for their ears, LOL. I can't keep up with Jaxson's ears.

Jodi said...

Sooo cool!!! We totally need those for our cl/cp little girl too!!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting both of my Chinese daughters have a major ear wax problem.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I want one.

RJ said...

Useful idea....found similar ones on Amazon after seeing your post. Our little Hugh has ear wax issues, too.

Martha said...

Here again, I am missing out on seeing your photo. Not quite sure why some of your photos can't be seen by me - I will use my imagination, based on your description.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... can't say I'll be rushing to China to get me some of those.

Debby said...

Well Lori, since we regularly see the ENT for Lindsi's ears, we know that asian Wax is quite different from ours. Lindsi always has wax that needs to be pulled out. We've been told to put mineral oil (just a drop or 2 once a week) in her ears to keep the build up from getting too bad. Would LOVE some of those though.

I think Hao-Hao's brother has just stumbled onto a remarkable business...selling ear wax cleaners to all of us APs.!!!

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