Monday, May 23, 2011

Eli {unleashed}

One of the concerns we had about adopting a little guy along with
a bigger guy was that little guy would steal the attention
with his massive cuteness.

Well, in a way...that's true.
Isaiah is a burst of hilarity and is limitless with his innocent bravery in
his new surroundings.

Eli, on the other hand is more guarded.But having his new little brother has proven to be very good
for him in many ways.
One being that he helps soften the awkwardness that comes with
older child adoption (for us and for him).

But this post is fully dedicated to my big brave boy.
He is the sweetest young man you'll ever meet.
He won't let you lift a finger if he can figure out a way to
do what you're doing for you.
He is eager to help the little kids when they are hurt or
need a push on the swing.
He is so sweet.
Did I mention that?

I'm so proud of him.

Oh and he eats like nobody's business.
He apparently thinks I cook the most incredible things because
he asks for second...third...and fourth servings.
Does my heart good.
Finally, someone appreciates my fine culinary skills.
I knew my 4 years of high school home ec would
eventually pay off.

I think he looks so much like his Chinese brother, Xiao Dong,

He loves it so much.
And is also working hard on pronouncing it correctly.

And umm, I caught a glimpse of another side of him
last evening when I started taking pics...

Impromptu martial arts.

And a gun show.

And if you didn't know,
I'm a black belt in Drive-way Karate.

Don't mess with this.

We're cool.
Don't you forget it.

Having fun.


Annie said...

What a boy! I'm glad he's adjusting AND eating. He seems to be so gentle and wonderful. You two are so cute!

Jen said...

Lori, can I just say....YOU MAKE MY DAY!!! I am so happy the boys are doing so well. They are simply precious. I love their smiles!! What a gift from God!!


Martha said...

So, how long before we can sign him up for Veritas basketball?

This adoption has been great in so many ways - blessed - each and everyone of you!!

Cindy said...

Lori, he seems just precious! What an amazing journey to your new sons, thanks for sharing! You inspire and make me laugh, thank you!
(the little guy is cute too!)

Cari said...

Such a sweet post, Lori! So glad to read of Eli's gentle spirit. What a blessing!

I didn't know you were so skilled in martial arts! That and hair're a double threat now, aren't you?! :)

Jennifer said...

What an awesome kid and such a blessing! :) Love the "gun show"!!! :)

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Ahahaha that. Was awesome. Yes. He was destined to be your child ;)

Shonni said...

I am so happy him!! He is so handsome....
and adorable pictures of mama with her newest sweetheart!!!!

Kim K. said...

What an incredible young man. Such beautiful pictures.

Stacy said...

Lori! I LOVE this!!
You are an awesome mom.
Enough said.

Chris said...

Wonder if he knows he got himself a cool mama?
You must be cooking the right stuff...good job!

David and Janet Hurley said...

What a sweetie! I LOVE it when big kids do not think they are too cool to play with and help littles.
Gotta ask--did you--like me, take 4 years of home ec, because it counted as a science and got you out of taking chemistry??? hehehehe

Nicole A. said...

I am so happy for his transition into the family! He really looks like a sweet boy!
And now you'll get to witness first-hand what the love of a family can help him grow into. What a blessing!

All the best,
Nicole A., now in LA

Holly said...

Oh my heart is just doing flip flops after that post! That boy is a treasure, it is obvious. How good God is that He led you to him. And he deserved a wonderful mom and dad like you guys, too! I love, love love it!!!

Kim said...

I do love that boy! My boys and I were saying the other day that he is looking a lot like Xiaodong and they could not believe how tall he has gotton. They said he must like Xiaodong, they said he got so tall very quickly.

I noticed from your blog and Eli seemed to play with Isaiah a lot...the boys and I were talking and they said that he was very good with the younger kids and that he would play with them at Luoyang. I knew he was a sweet boy the moment I layed eyes on him :-).


Karin said...

You are such a fun mom!!!! I love that your Eli is settling in so well. What a blessing for all of you. :)
BTW, your friend stopped by my blog to say hi.

4kids4us said...

Who knew that behind that seemingly jocular exterior is hidden such deadly karate skill?!

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