Saturday, May 28, 2011

congratulations, brenden

Brenden's first day of kindergarten...I remember that day so vividly...partly because it was a huge
milestone in my little man's life...and partly
because he told me I could drop him off at the curb and
be on my way.
Well, I did walk him in and I recall that across the entrance
of his kindergarten door was a banner that said,

"Class of 2011"

Well, that's so they are thinking
so far into the future.
As if that date will ever, ever get here.

Well, it got here.

Dang it, it got here.

How in the world can a Mama feel so extremely
happy and sad at the very same time?

And when will these spontaneous bursts of tears
quit happening?

Congratulations, Brenden!!
We are so proud of you!!


Adrian Roberta said...

Wow, what a huge milestone! Congrats to you too Lori for raising such a handsome wonderful young man! (and kudos on those strappy shoes girl! )

Janet and Kevin said...

Congratulations Brenden! What a milestone. Love the picture of your first day of kindergarten and then fast-forward to your high school graduation.

The years fly by! Lori, your tears won't quit for a bit as you see your oldest off to college. It is quite an exciting time for them but oh such a bittersweet time for the parents.

Kevin and I spent a great deal of time fighting back tears all through Ted's senior year at highschool because there was always a senior night for one of his activities - choir, band, swimming, running, etc. We would sit in the car, just the two of us crying and getting our tears out, then enter the school all happy, and Ted never knew how very sad we were to see this all ending.

Then that first week when they are away at college you think your heart will break. But one day you wake up and suddenly you are ok with them growing up. It still is tough to say "good-bye" when they return to college after breaks, but you are ok. I don't know what happens, but I think your tender parent heart finally begins to accept that they are growing into adults. Then you forge on in a new relationship, and it is just as sweet. I have seen it happen a hundred time with other parents, too, and it is quite a journey for us all.

Praying for this sad/joyful time for you all. So proud of Brenden, too!

Looks like your husband is getting a little more rest now. How is he doing since returning from Ch*na?

janet and gang

Susan A said...

congrats, Brenden! :)

thanking the Lord for answered prayers, it's good to see K-man there with you all :)

Hezra said...

oh, wow. That lil kindergartener is just too cute. And the handsome graduate. It happened so fast I am sure. Tell him congrats for me. And as for you... I say, two cookies and a nap will help.

Karin said...

Congratulations, Brenden!! And Lori, the tear thing...well...they just have a mind of their own and appear at the most unwelcome times. I remember it well...and boot camp was worse. Ahhhhh.... But it's better now. We have all adjusted. I think.

Shonni said...

"Yea on you” Brenden. The “yea on you” comes from a children’s show - should watch it, even though you are a “real person” now and all, because the Penguins are very you! LOL
Really - congratulations.

Chad and Kristy said...

Congrats Brenden!!! You are going to make a mighty fine husband to one lucky girl one day... but first, have fun and enjoy the college years:)

maybe there is a future for you in the blogging community...

Rachel said...

Congratulations!!! So glad the travel timing worked out for everyone to be home for the big event! BTW're a vision of fabulousness!! (Where's the pic of you on Brenden's 1st day of kindergarten?!)

Anonymous said...

I hear yah girl! I am not a crier and I cried through most of my son's graduation this morning. PROUD but bittersweet!

Tesseraemum said...

Aww!! Congratulations Brenden!!!
Be kind to your mama for the next month or so! She's going to need a little tlc. Maybe do something painfully silly so she remembers its a good thing your grown up now!! HEE HEE!!

Anonymous said...

The year my oldest graduated high school he left the next day to work at camp for the summer. He had been away but never that long . I cried and cried , in fact after dropping him off I had to pull over for a bit , my daughter was afraid I would crash into a tree if I had not pulled over . He is now 38 and a dr. gosh how the years have flown ... and I have three daughters at home , loving ,having children in the house again , but these years are flying also. Judy , who tries to make the most of everyday !

Jean said...

Awwwww- it is so sad and so happy at the same time! They just grow up too fast!!

Congratulations Brenden!!

Debby said...

What is it they say....the days are long, but the years are short....???

Congrats on your first HS graduate....5 more to go....

Anonymous said...

Lori you ROCK that outfit by the way! You sure don't look like a new mom or a mom of 6!!! What's your secret... do tell.

Tony and Rett said...


Many wishes for greatness!

connie said...

Congratulations, Brenden!!! As for the spontaneous don't wanna know :)

Madeleine said...

...the spontaneous tears never stop. sometimes they are happy tears, sometimes meloncholly ones, some are sad because you cannot stop time, and truly, you don't want to.

Congratulations to a neat young man...I cannot wait to see how GOD works in the rest of his life!!!!!

jennifer said...

Congrats Brenden on your graduation! I hear ya about those spontaneous bursts of tears. My son graduated Friday night. I didn't cry graduation night, but it keeps hitting me in little burst this weekend. Dang it.

Holly said...

CONGRATULATIONS, BRENDEN!! Lori, I'm praying for you... : )

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Brenden! (I think you can tell by the sparkle in his eye even in Kindergarten that he was the kid that would leave the butt cheeks marks on the fridge!)

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