Sunday, May 29, 2011

Our little guy Isaiah is such a hoot.
He's very much a busy little boy...but not dreadfully busy.
He doesn't get into things he's not supposed to
and he is very good about playing nicely by himself or with the other kids.

And I'm catching onto mothering him quite easily.
Well, except for the fact that I forgot to put underwear on him
for Brenden's graduation.
Imagine my shock when I discovered this little overlooked
detail just minutes before the ceremony.
And his pants barely stay on him with underpants.
I was in a cold sweat all evening that
they would drop at any moment.
Oh well...he's a boy...going commando is an honor.

**Don't tell my social worker I just said that.**
Oh wait, she reads my blog.
Never mind.
It is what it is.

And he just loves the little play kitchen and all the plastic food.
Here he is, bringing me breakfast.
I think he'll make a good husband after all.


Rachel said...

Be still my heart...that precious face!!!

Madeleine said...

<3 <3 < old is he?? ...because Elly is 4 and a half...and I am not beyond setting something up now.

Hezra said...

awwwww... those cheeks.... melting my heart. hee hee. no underwear. We had that hppen and found out AT the DRs office. Elijah was 3. lol so embarrassing. Yes his pants barely stayed on his tiny hiney too.

Serving the King said...

Lori he looks so sad!! Or....errrr.....ummmm...maybe not. :) Gracious the incredible JOY is just bubbling out of him!! I betcha he's even happier not wearing underwear. Ha! So sweet!!

Susan A said...

He is so cute! :)

Debby said...

Ha! Ha! You crack me up..... Glad he didn't lose his pants at graduation!!!!!!

Adeye said...

Catching up after a weekend away. What a sweetie pie!!!! Is it even possible for that boy to be any cuter than he already is?????

Me thinks not :)

Joanne Reddell said...


Cari said...

i think he's got his mama pegged as i see a donut on that tray! he knows your breakfast style already, doesn't he?! ;)

don't sweat the lack of underwear...just one less clothing item to wash!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I cannot wait to meet this kid.....

David and Janet Hurley said...

He is cracking me up with that smiley face. I think if you have any discipline problems, and he cracks that smile, you are in trouble.

Madeleine said...

Oh can you stand it? How can you not kiss those cheeks/ that face all day long??

Jen said...

Ran into your blog & love your heart for you kids!
A new follower,
...because Life IS Poetry!

Heather said...

Your social worker got a good laugh out of this one! ;)

Anita said...

This is hilarious!! LOVE the no undies and the fact that your SW reads right along. So does mine! LOL!!

It would be so much fun to get these guys together some time. I so wonder if they remember each other. Kaleb keeps eyeing the kitchen toys/food but alas our kitchen bit the dust. I've been "toying" with the idea of getting another one, but where to put it. ;) Maybe we'll find a place that Kaleb will be up on his cooking skills in time!! ;)

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