Tuesday, March 22, 2011

first day of spring 2011

Jump in my time-machine with me and let's go back a bit, alrighty?

First day of spring 2010.

First day of spring 2011.

It's about time global warming started living up to its promises.

Nick is taking advantage of the new dunkable
height of our basketball goal.
You da man, Nick.

And Macy-girl attempted some math homework outside.
But it was too sunny.
In my estimation, it's always too sunny for math.
Even when it's cloudy.
I hate math.


Lucy's love of her scooter only grew stronger over the winter.
And so did her cuteness.
Note to self: Have K-man bring a whole suitcase full of
sunglasses, that actually fit little noses, back from China.
We will make a small fortune with the Asian population here in the states.
Happy Spring!!


Tracy said...

Very nice pictures today. Loved the form in the dunk shot. hee hee. Loved seeing a picture of Macy. She truly is a beauty. You haven't mentioned in awhile and I was just wondering how she's doing as far as her english and has she come out of her shell? : ) Just wondering.

JR said...

such crazy weather!! it's been flurrying here in Durango most of the day - UGH!! I really really really really really really want it to be spring here. I think you get my point!!

Nick is so athletic, Macy is so beautiful, and Lucy is so adorable! You are a blessed mama!

♥ u!

Jennifer said...

That lovely snow from last year can just stay away! :) We're loving the spring weather! Yippeee!!!!
Your girlies are just precious! The sunglasses are a hoot!

Anonymous said...

Bring a case of eyeglass frames for asian noses too!:)

Debby said...

Ha..ha..happy spring to you!! Funny, Jami's sunglasses look just like Lucy's!!

Thank you for the sweet comments on my Blog. I think you have some of the cutest kiddos too!!!!!

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