Sunday, March 20, 2011

whip the socks right off of ya

Lucy has taken a liking to giving hand/feet massages.
The girl loves her some lotion.
And will smother anyone who is willing to indulge her.

Which is only her Dad and me.

The siblings just don't understand what they're missing!

She's none-too-shy to whip the socks right off of ya and
give your tootsies a once-over.

We are saving a fortune in pedicures.
Not that we were getting pedicures before, but you know.

Oh and just so you know...those are NOT my feet above.
I happen to have my mother's beautiful feet,
thank you very much.


Adeye said...

Hahahahahaha.....I bet you just have the sweetest feet in the world. What exactly are you trying to say about your dear hubby's feet???????


Sally-Girl! said...

Okay she is just as cute as can be! Really could she be any cut'er?

Jennifer said...

Cutie pie! :) Love her adorable smile! :) I might have to borrow her for a while! ;)

Holly said...

Love it!

Karin said...

Oh wow...can she come to my house? I would happily let her put lotion on my feet and I would even let you photograph them. haha

JR said...

I'm seriously laughing out loud!! That Lucy bug is just the cutest lil gal! She honestly brings a smile to my face on a regular basis! (and her mom is pretty funny too!!)

♥ to you all from Durango!

Adrian Roberta said...

So funny! I love the way her face just glows when she's laughing!

Tracy said...

Does she have an opening sometime in June or July??? : )
Her smile is so big and so contagious! I just want to squeeze her. : )

Tony and Rett said...

What is up with that? My daughters are the same way!!!! They love to do that!

I'm not gonna tell them to stop though! Hahahah!

Hezra said...

Heh heh, sure, you and your hairy toes... lol j/k My Moriah does this too. She rubs the lotion in her hands and says you hafta warm it up first so it isn't freezy cold. lol I get enough lotion on my legs to cover me for two days but oh well.

Anita said...

Girl....send her my way puhleez!!! :) Oh I'd love someone to rub my feet and hands. Hmmm...maybe I can convince hubby yet tonight! HA!

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