Wednesday, February 16, 2011

deadline extended

Hey, you guys!

I haven't forgotten about the drawing for my
gift card giveaway being today!!

Actually, I did forget.
Until this morning in the shower.

But I wondered...would mind too terribly much
if we extended the deadline to THIS Sunday, Feb. 20???

I'd really like to churn up a few more entries.
Plus, I've had a crazy week.
Our schedule for one...but also my heart has been emotionally
elsewhere as a dear friend of mine is having a hard time.
My energy has not been in getting ready for
my fundraiser.

I hope that makes sense.

So...if you would be so gracious,
let's plan on the drawing being on Sunday, OK?

Thank ya!


Patty said...

Oh gosh Lori I forgot about this too, I haven't been promoting it like I wanted. Man this just sucks....thanks for being in this with me. Love you lots friend.

JR said...

I'll be in Mexico Fri thru Mon....without internet access. So I guess I'll need to wait until Tuesday morning to hear the results of the giveaway.

Hope all goes well!

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