Tuesday, February 1, 2011

gift card giveaway!!

Warm up your Paypal accounts and get a load of this!

I'm launching the first of a few adoption fundraisers
with this whopper of a giveaway!

The winner gets a fun bundle of
gift cards!

Check it out....





Did you get all that?
All of the above could be yours...
For you and your honey to go on one whopper of
a date!

All for helping out with raising money for our adoptions.

Here's all you need to do:

*One entry for every $10 donated.
(just click on Chipin button at the top of my blog)
*One entry for plugging this on your blog and/or Facebook.

It's as simple as that.

Drawing will be held on February 16.


*Winner can choose another restaurant card
if the one above isn't in your area.


Anonymous said...

We had a fundraiser like this at my job for the American Cancer Society and raised alot of money! HOPE you do the same. PRAYER REQUEST to all Christians reading this blog. Please pray for the T family - Pray for God to guide us to the church he would have us to worship at. Very hard . Please pray.

JR said...

Awesome!! You can count me in!!

Rachel said...

WhooHooooie! I'm going to get through a birthday celebration here & I'll definitely put it on the blog! Praying!

Jennifer said...

Wow! Crazy, awesome giveaway!!! Gotcha on my blog my dear...don't have a ton of traffic but every little bit helps!!!! :)

April said...

Lori ~ Im a friend of Connie Johnson's! Praying that your fundraiser goes very well, and brings exactly what you are needing. May God Bless!


megadog said...

Sounds like a wonderful fundraiser! Can't wait to see those little boys join your cute family.

Chris said...

I just earned 3 entries :^)


Anonymous said...

You are on my facebook!
God bless,
Dina K.

Kristi said...

Just chip'ed in, I will post a link on my blog later, but no only about four people visit my blog every once in a while so I no not think it will get you much action, but hey I could use the gift cards for diapers, hee hee. Plus I can not wait to follow you on your journey.

Your stalker, Kristi

Susan g said...

I can't see the chip in button. I'm on my iPhone- maybe it doesn't work on iPhones? I'd love to help out your beautiful family.

Rachel said...

Hi! I chipped in for one entry and posted on my blog for another entry!

Bethany said...

Hey there! Great giveaway!! Somehow I just came upon this ...

1) posted on fb

Bethany said...

2) & 3) Just donated! :)

4) I just added you to a blog post I just did on adoption last night. :)


Anonymous said...

5 entries for us!

Amy P.

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