Wednesday, February 2, 2011

blizzard 2011 {fun to the extreme}

Oh my goodness.
I can't tell you how much we thoroughly enjoyed that whopper
of a blizzard yesterday.

It was fun to the extreme.

And look at this polar bear that wandered into my
flower garden.
Zeke LOVES the snow so much!

K-man was chomping at the bit to get out there with
his BFF snowblower.

Little birdies will have a to wait quite a while
for their bird bath to be user-friendly again.

When you're craving grilled burgers around here,
nothing stops us.

After dinner
the main event began.

Our First Annual
(or monthly...or whatever we feel up to)
Family Wii Bowling Tournament.

Lucy kicked it off.

Everyone was in on the action.

And it got mighty competitive.

Serious business.

Lucy was our cheerleader.
Her creative cheers were:
"Strike, strike, strike!"
"Spare, spare, spare!"

And she high-fived everyone,
no matter how good (or bad) their frame was.

Stop and examine the fantastic form.

Watching my mom bowl in a league back in the 70s
is paying off.

Nick gave it all he had.

And got a tad silly as he started to lose.

It came down to Macy and me.

But in the end....
as you can see from our bracket,

MOM was the winner.
That's me.

Yep, I am the grand champion bowler.


Shonni said...

What FUN...both the snow and the bowling!!!

Tesseraemum said...

Love it! The snow too! We just have a whole bunch of ice and wind now!
We really need to get together! We have pizza and wii friday nights. We call Audrey (4) finger forward because she had a hard time getting the hang of the remote. Now it usually comes down to she and I. We seem to be the most competitive. I think Nick needs to be reminded that he is bowling not playing golf he might have a tad more sucess! Just sayin!! Sheri

Jennifer said...

You WON!!! Go you! :)
We're enjoying our second day off from school! :) AND...look at your ChipIn!!! Woohoo! It's growing!!! :)YAY!!!

Mandi said...

You guys and your bowling crack me up! I will admit that when I saw the picture of Zeke, I honestly had to look twice because I really did think it was some sort of bear. Duh!

Good luck on your fundraiser!!!

Hugs all around

JR said...

You do have fantastic form!!! Which is apparent since YOU.ARE.THE.GRAND.CHAMPION.OF.THE.FIRST.ANNUAL.FAMILY.WII.BOWLING.TOURNAMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love the pics of your sweet family and the awesome snow! We got an inch at our house last night but this here gal wants WAY more than that!! Send some snow to SW CO!!

Love you & your precious family!

Jean said...

Love the wii bowling- we have never done that- I think we may have to give it a try! I am very competitive- I'm dreaming of my name in the winners box!!

One look at Zeke and I could smell wet dog all the way over here!!

Barbecue in the garage- wow, you guys are fun!!

Angie said...

So now we know how you spend those "extra" moments in your day...practicing your strike! You go, girl! And holy cow...Zeke DOES look like a polar bear!!

Madeleine said...

LOL!!! You are a nut. I never was into bowling, but then my mom never bowled. Maybe that is my problem.

If only my mom bowled.

If I ever go bowling, I will remember your poise and try to replicate so I can win.

I LOVE your dog!! What a great dog for the snow. Are you loving your snow? Is that typical? Can you believe we DONOT have a snow blower. But John already said he is d-o-n-e. We are getting one in August, as they are long gone now.

<3 the brackets. LOL

Karin said...

Yay for the MOM!!! Woohoo!! The snow looks so fun. Ours gets cleared away way too soon. Why don't they just let us snuggle in for a good family blizzard-y time? Grrrr...

Anonymous said...

No snow in South GA! Didn't really even need a coat today! Rain all week though. Kind of amazing to see the difference the miles can make.

Charissa said...

So fun! Can't wait to see the tournament with your two new boys in it!

LouAnneL said...

For a minute there I thought that really was a bear! :-)

Great photos. Looks like you guys have an amazing time just enjoying each other. What a blessing!

So happy to have found your blog. We're also a family blessed by adoption. I grabbed your button and will be praying for you guys as you prepare for your next blessing!

Holly said...

We had fun too! I love the tournament idea! We played kickball in the family room. :) Real kickball with bases. Until Ben had a meltdown. : ( Today the boys played with their friends ALL DAY LONG, including having friends over for dinner. We love blizzards!

Lyn said...

You're a Leftie? And you never mentioned it?? What else are you not telling us?!

Congratulations on the win!

Susan A said...

I actually thought it was a real polar bear! until I read one of the comments above about smelling a wet dog from afar :)

The snow looks so beautiful, I'd love to be in it... and the bowling wii sounds so much fun! :)

Thank you so much for sharing fun photos with us :)

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