Wednesday, February 16, 2011

another basketball post

Are you as bored with my basketball posts as I am?
I'm glad I'm not alone.

Here ya more time.

As tired as I am of our hectic schedule...
I really do LOVE watching Nick play.
I NEVER grow tired of that.

Lucy seems unaffected by the fact that our lives are spent
on hard bleachers.
(I seriously thought about bringing my crockpot with dinner in it last night)
This girl loves a good cheering section.

And there you have it.
One more dreadfully boring bball post for the books.

Perhaps something big and exciting will happen to us soon.
Like, win the lottery
(gotta play to win though...I'm not really into that),
or a major award of some sort
(no leg-lamps, please).

I hope your Wednesday (it is Wednesday, right?)
is filled with love, joy, peace, and a little less basketball.


JR said...

OMGoodness, that Nick can jump high!! Great action shot, Lori! I think I need to take some photography lessons from you!

Have a wonderful Wednesday yourself!!

♥ you!

Marina said...

I think you should take the crockpot with you next time!! Years ago we lived 30 minutes from our church. On a typical Sunday we'd be gone from home for about 4 hours. I didn't trust my oven not to catch fire while we were gone (house later did burn down, but that is another story). It was Christmas time and we had company coming. I wanted to cook a turkey so I took my turkey to church and cooked it in the church's oven. Boy, did it make the whole church smell yummy!! (It was a very small church) The looks I got - lol! But I had us a yummy cooked turkey for our dinner! (I think the others were just jealous that I'd thought of it first! ;0 )

Karin said...

No b-ball here, but I'm thinking you should take that crock pot and sell food to raise funds for your adoption. :)

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