Monday, December 27, 2010


Molly Monster.

Meet my new BFF.
She's the sweetest, scariest (not really) monster ever.
And I love her dearly.

She sits on my desk, keeping watch over things.

Maddy, a darling teenage girl at our church, is selling her knitting projects
to raise money for her missions trip.
That in and of itself is fabulous,
don't you think?
But the cherry on top is that her projects are the cutest things ever.
Oh, and to boot, her family is a rockin' cool adoptive family.
We love people like that, yes?
Yes, indeed we do.

Please check out her blog.
And use your Christmas money to buy yourself something.

Thanks, Maddy!


Susan A said...

looks awesome and funky too! :)

I've been to her blog and amazed at her creations, for a 13 year old, wow! thank you for the heads up, Lori :)

Madeleine said...

I just went over there and OH HOW CUTE!!!!

I may have to get something. Even if it IS after Christmas.

Lori Anne said...

Very cute! Love the monster. I want the fingerless gloves. :)

*Overflowing* said...

How cute is she!!!! What a cute idea.

Karin said...

Checked her out...she makes some really cute thing! What an awesome way to raise money.

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