Saturday, December 25, 2010

a merry christmas, very!

"If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts
to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good
gifts to those who ask him!"
Matt. 7:11

I love how each and every gift given and received on Christmas reflects the
generous love of our mighty God!


Our Christmas celebration started out with our traditional
gathering on Christmas eve at my parents' house.

All us kids bought them a digital frame,
which they LOVED!
The perfect gift for grandparents with 16(+) grandkids!

Lucy delicately opening a gift in her
beautiful dress.
That she will want to wear everyday for quite some time, I'm sure.

Sweet sisters.

Bored? Amused? Excited?
Who knows.

Macy with baby Noah.
This little guy was born a week after Christmas last year
WAY early and was a peanut at just under two pounds.
But he fought like crazy and has made
huge strides in the last year.
And so has Macy.

The fam.


Christmas morning.

Lucy needed a teeny bit of time to warm up.

getting warmer...

almost there...

We're ready, we're ready!!

Macy is going to kill me for posting pics of her
pre-primping...but none of us were
at our best, looks-wise.

She was pretty darn excited about her new iPod Shuffle!

Lucy has wanted a pink cowgirl hat forever!

Either I'm really weird...or just getting old
(quite possibly both),
but I really do love getting practical gifts.

Look! A new big rice cooker for the growing (and growing) Asian
population in our house.

Say it ain't so!
A new toaster!
How's a girl to contain this kind of excitement?

A digital frame of my own!

Boys and their toys.
Oh, no...we didn't buy B an Apple laptop.
We aren't that generous.

He saved up his own money for that one.

Bren and his new drinking-straw glasses.
Yes, ladies, he's single.

Ok, you've got to take your time looking at the next
few pics. They're priceless. At least to me.

The entire time we were opening presents, there was a big
red blanket covering something...right next to Lucy.
She didn't notice it one bit.

Then at the end of all our presents,
Kel pointed it out to her...

Lucy, are you ready??

Wow, wow, wow!!
The look on both of their faces is priceless!

My daddy's the best.
Especially in his cowboy pajamas.

Does it get any better than that?


After our Christmas at home we went to Kelly's parents' house.

His side of the family is way, way, way smaller than mine.

Here are ALL the girls...Yep, that's it.
It's kinda fun, I think!

Here are most of the guys playing a mean game
of Jeopardy on Wii.
They look perplexed, don't they?

Father/son team.
They rocked.

Lucy bug in her Christmas dress, day 2.
She was really winding down at this point.

And then...
my SIL and I had a blast with the dance game in Wii.
We're pretty darn groovy.

Real groovy.

And that wraps up another wonderful Christmas.

I hope your's was fabulous too.


Tracy said...

You are so hilarious!! The look on your face with your new toaster is priceless! I bet you are a total hoot to be around. And then you waited until almost the end of your post to mention your husbands PJs and to be honest it was the first thing I noticed. They made me laugh, not because they were no no...because that is the Manliest Man pair of Pjs I have ever seen. hee hee. Precious pictures of your family. : )

P.S. We got that Wii Dance also and I did five of those dances with my daughter, AND I.FELT.IT.ALL.DAY.LONG! Fun though

Jean said...

Love the pics- looks like so much fun!!

Merry Christmas

Angie said...

Fun days! I'm practical like you. I was very happy with my new plastic storage containers...matching lids and all!

Sally-Girl! said...

Okay, I thought I was the only goofy mom who used a Sharpie to write the kid's names on their gifts!!!!

I forgot to write Day 2 on my blog for Marissa's dress! I wonder if it will be Day 3 today!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

PS I couldn't live without my rice cooker, especially now that our household has an Asian majority now!!!

JR said...

I'm with Tracy.....K's pjs were the FIRST thing I noticed too! Who knew that grown men had such options for sleepwear?? Not this gal!

I loved seeing your family's Christmas in photos. I couldn't help but think about how much Lucy's & Macy's lives have changed since becoming your sweet daughters. It brought tears to my eyes. Can't wait for your precious son to join you.

Adeye said...

Tooooooo fun!!!! Is that Just Dance? We have it too.....such a blast.

Oh I just loved seeing your Christmas memories. And the pj's are just awesome :)

Karin said...

Looks like you all had a blast...although I must say that I was completely distracted by the sight of your hubby in those cowboy pj's. He is a good sport because my husband would have been SO NOT pleased if I posted pics of him in his pjs. :) hee!

Healy Family said...

Ha! My husband got a rice cooker too, and i got a blender/food processor. the true sign of making it to the adult world is getting kitchen appliances as a gift and being truly thrilled about it! :) merry Christmas!

Janet said...

I LOVE Kman's PJs! What a man to model them for us!
I need a rice cooker too, but we have discovered Ricco rice, which is cooked in a regular pot, but very Chinese-ey.
And by the way---I am sooo onto you, do ya know what I'm talking about?!

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