Tuesday, December 28, 2010

christmas break {bitter-sweet}

Christmas vacation is so bitter/sweet, isn't it?

No homework.
Bored kids.
No school activities.
Bored kids.
High hopes to get a ton done around the house...
but there's those darn bored kids.
So, the to-do list remains lengthy as our time off slips away.

Ok, now I'm really depressed.

I did organize some things.
So, that's good.
And I managed to get he kids to the mall.
That's good.
Actually, it wasn't.
It was packed beyond all reason.
What's wrong with people wanting to shop while I do?

So, in exactly one week my kids start school back up again.

I'm ready/not ready.

One more week would be just super.
Oh yeah, but the kids would be sooooo bored.

Anyone else?

Do share your joys/frustrations with Auntie Lori.


Karin said...

If all else fails tell the bored kids that you will assign some chores to relieve said boredom. It always works for me. :) They quickly find something to do. haha

Holly said...

Oh, Auntie Lori...I FEEL YOUR PAIN!! I am soooo right with you. Completely. And I really thought they would not be bored because they got new stuff. Yeah, well....

Anonymous said...

Public school gets TWO weeks off for Christmas. I suggest home schoolers get the same. :)

Angie said...

I'm with ya. They look a bit like zombies walking around the house...unless they're plugged into their DS which we said we wouldn't limit much this week. But I'm enjoying the time to get ready for China. I suppose I should put together some lesson plans for next week...
And the malls! Whoa! Didn't we just have Christmas? We went to Build A Bear last night for Jenna...it was packed and every restaurant outside the mall was a one hour wait!

Serving the King said...

Girl I am SOoooooo with you! It feels like we always look forward to these breaks but unless we have some big things going on or some fun trips planned the days just go on and on and on....and on. I think the video game controllers are quickly morphing into actually becoming part of their hand.

Tesseraemum said...

I'm feelin it this week! Today I am missing one child. (He is spending his 2nd night with my dad and his "good" computer and 50" tv.) I am sitting here with no hope of escape... I broke my kneecap on the 10th. Merry Christmas to me! I was just thinking it's not going to be too bad with daddy back at work this week. That was before, before my mom went into the hospital with pnuemonia, and before Olivia ended up with tonsilitis and before the girls started fighting when they got out of bed this morning! Its not all bad though! I did find out I don't have to have surgery on my knee! Just 4 more weeks of keeping my leg straight and no driving. That REALLY IS the Good news!!
Thanks Aunt Lori! I needed that!! Sheri

Kim said...

We are a homeschooling family and experience the exact same thing. We take two full weeks off, and I have high hopes of accomplishing tons around my house...but then there are the kids...that seem to have a need to be entertained more than usual. I just keep reminding myself that someday... I will miss this... the chaotic mess, the giggles and laughter of my children, the messy fingerprints on the walls,doors, refrig., the "mom, I'm bored". My house will always be here.
... I have to admit... I am ready to start school too.

Patty said...

Oh good golly girl you know I hear ya on this!!!!! I say just take a trip to Starbucks...why not...that makes everything better. Gosh maybe I'll do that today myself. Great idea! Thanks! LOL

Lyn said...

We are about to go stark raving mad around our house. We have been back from China with our new crazy, wild, rambunctious 5 year old son for less than 2 weeks. We desperately need some routine but I don't know where to start. We will celebrate Christmas this weekend with extended family, and then next week we will attempt to do school again.... don't know if it will be good or bad!

Ann Marie said...

I'm sooooooo with you!

tinacd said...

Well, since we have 2 graduating this year, and since said 2 are behind in their schoolwork...so much for their Christmas break! I'm up to my elbows researching scholarships, so not much for me either. It is nice sleeping in a bit though!

Hunan Mommy said...

I totally feel your pain! All plans for any type of added organization to my household have been completely thrown off course by two crazy kids! BTW, devoted reader, and you make me laugh on a daily basis!

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