Friday, November 5, 2010

mysteriously cloudy {a sparkly resolution}

This may, without a doubt, prove to be the most boring
post I've done to date.

But, I press on because I'm here to serve you, my people.

I have a PSA.

Public Service Announcement

Recently I had noticed that my drinking glasses were coming
out of my dishwasher cloudier and cloudier (is that a word?).

I was so distraught...and became more so with each washing.

I pretty much tried everything.

Then my dear husband, who apparently does listen to
my relentless whining (good to know),
eagerly told me about a cloudy-dish-issue story he heard on the local news.

Turns out that they have removed all phosphate from dishwasher
Ok, maybe some of you already knew that
(I'm SO not into all the environmental propaganda).

But, eliminating that key ingredient is making glasses everywhere
It's a world-wide crisis, I'm here to tell you.

Well, still in stress over what to do,
I quickly remembered how vinegar seems to cure everything...

so I soaked all my tarnished tumblers in vinegar water...then gave them
a good rubbing with the old dish rag.

Heloise would be so very proud of me because...
that was the answer.



Environmentally friendly (yeah, whatever).

So now, I have one more thing to do if I want my
perfect little house to remain as such.

Sure thing.

And this is how I spent the bulk of my Friday night.


CNJ said...

Vinegar cures most anything! You can fill up your jet dry dispenser with white vinegar and save yourself a step. :)

Madeleine said...

I am about to say something that is terribly sad.

In the almost 26 years that I have been married, I have never had a dishwasher.

I wish I had this problem. I wish very very much, that this would apply to me.

But alas, my glasses come out shiny everytime. :P

susieloulou said...

I have done the dispenser thing and wasn't impressed. Every few weeks we soak in vinegar and rub like crazy, it's getting OLD.

Patty said...

Hmm. Well. What if I just don't really care about my cloudy glasses? I'm such a failure housewife. LOL. But this does remind me of a moment about 2 years ago where I discovered on the aluminum foil dispenser the little tabs on the sides and if you push them in it holds the foil in place when you are trying to pull it out. Same for saran wrap. Who knew. Years of fighting with the blasted dispenser wasted. Anywhooooo...can you invent a vinegar dishwasher soap? Do your glasses have that lingering smell now?

Anonymous said...

Thank for sharing your life...People use vinegar a lot in china...when i was in china, I remember my teachers used to "burn vivegar" on a small stove in classroom, so everyone could smell vinegar. it can help prevent people getting sick especially in winter time. also females use vinegar to wash hair to cure "little things" in hair...i remember I did that when i was in Ly. it did help...


Learning Together at Home said...

Funny! I just added a link on my sidebar about 1001 ways to use vinegar. :) Really!

Jean said...

YES- my glasses have been getting cloudy! Thank you for the PSA!

My problem is I'm like Patty... kinda just don't care and not a good homemaker!
My boys don't notice, 2 can't speak english- (they can complain about them all they want in chinglish) Sarah on the other hand- I'm sending her to your house on Fridays for the vinegar soak!

I hope you had some rockin Christian music going while you were soaking and rubbing your dishes!!

Tracy said...

your hilarious!! i love your boring post. they make me laugh, so keep it up. : )

Janet said...

So that's why !!!!!!! It's been driving me crazy. I had recently switched to the cascade packets, which are supposed to have the jet dry in them.....DH said to add the jet dry anyway--cause the little packets weren't working.
It bothers me, but not enough to soak......hey I can add that to my college boy's chore list when he comes home for Christmas!

Jen said...

Heard about that on our local station too. One more thing to make me feel like such a failure to this entire homemaker status. Just give me the sparkle back for my dishes and the whites back in my clothes!!! (that's another story.)lol

Tesseraemum said...

Hmm, I just bought new jet dry. That was a waste! I needed this psa last week!! Not that I have many glasses left...My kids are a little rough when unloading. I think they thought a few broken dishes would relieve them of the duty but being the bad housewife, I really don't care! About the clouds and the fact that I have to serve guests plastic cups!! Sheri

Karin said... spent a whole Friday night doing that?! :) You need me to come and take you to Starbucks. Vinegar has saved a multitude of things around our house--recently our carpet after a child's vomiting episode. Ewwwwwww!

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